Steps to Healthy and Happy Aging

Steps to Healthy and Happy Aging


Aging is a process that brings about many changes, both positive and negative ones. However, you can take certain steps to ease the whole process and maintain your health only if you understand what’s happening with your body. All of our vital organs start behaving differently. Steps to healthy aging start with understanding what’s happening to our bones, heart, digestive system and sex life. First of all, as we get older, our bones start to become thinner and more brittle, making potential falls really dangerous. As far as your heart rate is concerned, your heart rate may lower. Your digestive tract also experiences some changes and it becomes more firm and rigid, making it more difficult to contract. And for sex life, certain changes both in men and women are inevitable. These are all normal processes that happen with our bodies and hence, older adults require proper nourishment.

1. How to deal with physical problems and assure happiness

Certain cognitive decline is normal in the aging process and hence, many seniors over 65 end up with Alzheimer’s disease. Our brain feels that we’re getting older. Studies that were conducted proved that cognitive stimulation through active learning slows cognitive decline. That means it’s never too late to practice your brain and learn something new. Engage in learning a new language, taking a dance lesson, reading a book or doing crosswords.

And as far as your brittle bones are concerned and the potential dangerous falls, it is best to talk to your physician, who will give you some advice on strengthening your bones and preventing osteoporosis and falls.

Our digestive system is something we need to be really careful with. Eating foods full of saturated fats and refined sugar is harmful at any age, especially at an older age. It’s important to have a healthy diet in order to prevent heart disease.

Eating healthy, being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight all lower the risk of a heart attack. If you pay attention to all of these tips concerning your lifestyle, you’re sure to live a happy and long life as a senior. 

2. How to deal with emotional problems and assure happiness

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Being safe and healthy at any age, especially at an older age, is crucial and besides learning how to deal with physical problems, we must learn how to cope with emotional problems as well. Many seniors live alone in their 60+ and this is the highest risk factor for loneliness. Other common issues connected to aging that include retirement, health issues, or the loss of a spouse can lead to social isolation. In order to assure emotional well-being, make sure to maintain your social connections with your family and friends. These relationships do make us happy.

Our beauty is tightly connected to our happiness, it has been proven. Certain beauty products are sure to make us clinically happier. These include floral fragrances, aromatherapeutic sleep aids and restorative facials and they are quite encouraging for our mental well-being.

Makeup tips for older women include using a tinted dewy moisturizer for beautiful skin and glossy lipsticks for making your lips plumper. Don’t forget to fill in your brows and add some soft blush to your cheeks. And as far as your eyes are concerned, there are some semi-permanent procedures such as lash extensions, which will add an instant boost to your eyes. Companies such as Blossom Brows have the power to make your eyes look beautiful and voluminous, with lasting effects up to four weeks.

If you want to age gracefully and in a positive environment, it’s important to keep a positive attitude. Seniors who display negative and grumpy feelings struggle to maintain their health as well as happiness. Learn something new and pick up a loving hobby – it will lengthen your life for sure and make retirement years joyful and fun.

3. How to deal with sex problems and assure happiness

During our middle years, sex is a factor that contributes to our overall happiness. However, as we age, certain changes are bound to happen. These changes have an effect on our sex life. When it comes to women, after menopause many women experience physical changes like a loss of vaginal lubrication. Men, on the other hand, might experience erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, both of these problems are possible to treat medically. The first step is consulting your doctor, and he or she will direct you in the right way.

Many people think of aging as a negative process and generally a declining period in all aspects, when in fact, the golden years can bring us much joy if we lived in the right way. This is the time when we have more free time on our hands and we can enjoy doing what we love the most.

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