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Lowa Assisted living facilities, cost, reviews and pricing

Assisted Living In Lowa

When choosing another state to retire to, it’s important to know that the state of your choosing has as comfortable, safe and affordable as possible. Iowa is one of those states. Firstly, it’s because Iowa has the second cheapest housing in the nation, Ohio being the cheapest. Secondly, this state has a low crime rate, evident by having the second lowest murder rate in the nation. Last, but not least, there isn’t much traffic in the state, making it easier to get from one place to another and lowering the risk of traffic accidents that might happen otherwise.

If you want to find out more about the senior living costs, facilities, and benefits that you’ll encounter once you move to Iowa, you’ve come to the right place! Here, at Assisted Living Facilities, we have collected the most important information about the various senior living options like independent living facilities and assisted care options. You’ll also find information regarding the support systems that have been put in place, as well as the amenities that each of these senior living providers have to offer. Already decided which city you’d like to retire to? Use the list below in order to find the best senior living option to the city of your choosing.

Iowa has a housing index of 87.50, making it one of the more affordable states to retire in the U.S. One-bedroom apartments have an average monthly cost of only $563, compared to the national average of $825. Two-bedroom apartments have an average monthly cost of $723, compared to the national average of $1,027.

Before you move to Iowa, or any other state, for that matter, it’s wise to have a general idea about the monthly costs of living for seniors. Home healthcare has an average monthly cost of about $4,481. This allows seniors lead a comfortable life in their own homes while professional aides take care of housekeeping and daily tasks.

Adult daycare in Iowa is pretty cheap when compared to other states in the nation. The average monthly costs for adult daycare in Iowa are $1,364, giving seniors access to housing at one of these facilities, social activities to keep their minds busy, and professional caregivers that take care of daily tasks and other errands.

Iowa also has assisted living facilities for seniors that are in need of a greater degree of help with their daily tasks and needs. The average monthly cost for assisted living facilities in Iowa is about $3,736 and provides seniors with personal care and health services, administered by the professional caregivers that these facilities provide.

Nursing homes are another option for seniors that need ‘round the clock care and supervision. Semi-private rooms have an average monthly cost of about $5,741, and seniors that would prefer to live with more privacy can opt in for a private room for the average cost of $6,235 per month. All nursing homes and their variations provide their residents with skilled nursing care, help with medications, housing, safety supervision, as well as therapies and rehabilitation - when needed. Even though the costs for nursing homes are higher than the other types of senior living, it is worth noting that they are much lower than in the rest of the nation.

Benefits of Choosing Iowa for Senior Living

Still considering Iowa for retirement? Although the weather isn’t as nice as some other states in the country, Iowa still has some rather attractive benefits to offer its residents, and especially the senior population.

Stunning Sunrises and Sunsets

While most travelers sleep through the cross country because of the seemingly endless flatlands, Iowa most certainly makes up for that with some of the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets in the nation. Residents of Iowa are often pleasantly surprised by the pink and orange cloud formations in the morning, and the chromatic skies at sunset.

Rodeos and Fairs

It’s widely known that farming communities go hand in hand with fairs, and there are plenty of both in this state. This means that seniors will be able to attend some of the most buoyant county and state fairs in the U.S. They are filled with farm animals that are displayed during competitions, and cheerful family fairs, making it all the more pleasurable for seniors to enjoy. Another noteworthy benefit of moving to Iowa are rodeos, allowing seniors to watch talented cowboys and equestrian events from the bleachers.

Central Piece of the Nation in Lowa 

Seniors that are still able and willing to drive in order to see their children and their children will be pleased to know that living in Iowa makes it easier to travel to family members in the east coast during summertime, and those in the west coast during winter. Thanks to the major airport in Des Moines, visiting family members will be cheap and easy.

Senior Living Options in Lowa

Seniors living in Iowa have several options to pick and choose from when looking for senior living facilities where they can spend their golden years. Those include: independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing homecare. Each of these options are further explained down below, so dig in and find out which one is the right for you.

Independent Living

Seniors that are still mostly active and healthy should take a look at some of the 200+ independent living facilities located all over Iowa. Seniors that prefer apartment-style living can choose to stay at an active senior community for seniors aged 55+ or 65+ where they will be hanging out with their peers and take part in many social activities. The average monthly cost for independent living facilities in Iowa ranges from $551 to $4,741. The most expensive independent living facilities are located in the metropolitan areas, while the more affordable options can be found in the suburban areas.

Assisted Living

As we grow older, our need for care and attention grows with us, often beyond the limitations of primary caregivers such as friends or family members. Assisted living facilities are often the first choice that seniors which require a greater degree of care and supervision make. These facilities provide residents with professional caregivers, healthcare, as well as access to social and local activities, enabling seniors to live out the rest of their years in as much comfort and joy possible. Residents of assisted living facilities will be provided assistance with housekeeping, laundry service, transport, meal preparation, and ‘round the clock care and supervision.

Lowa Memory Care
Lowa Memory Care

One of the scariest ailments a senior or his/her family member can experience is memory loss, causing both emotional and physical pain to everyone involved. Memory care centers have been specially designed to minimize the stress and pain that is associated with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or dementia-related ailments. These centers provide 24/7 safety surveillance, and specially outlined rooms and hallways that minimize the odds of physical injury or getting lost when residents forget where they are. There are more than 324 memory care centers to pick and choose from in Iowa, and the average annual cost for these centers is $59,473. Some memory centers in Iowa have more than double the amount of professional training that is required by the state for the staff that works there.

Nursing Homes

Iowa has over 850 senior living providers that are scattered all over the state. While these providers can be found all over the state, larger cities like Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport have a greater number of senior living options available for retirees.

Seniors that are in need of constant care and supervision will be provided with everything they need to lead a comfortable life at one of the many adult daycare centers in Iowa. These centers offer group art activities, gyms, nutritious meals, and professional staff that makes sure residents are taking their medications on time. Iowa’s adult daycare centers are known to be more affordable than in the rest of the nation, with average monthly cost range from as low as $540 to as high as $4,500. The average annual costs are about $14,300, compared to the national average of $23,400, making it pretty obvious that Iowa is home to some of the cheapest senior living options in the nation.

Iowa is home to 121 hospices that tend to seniors that have been diagnosed with terminal illness. The administrative staff at these hospices is always ready to provide help with paperwork in order to get the senior qualified for full cost coverage by insurances. Retirees at these facilities will receive top of the line staff that has been professionally trained to provide help with pain management. Grief counseling is also available for both the senior and his/her family in order to make the transition as easy and painless as possible for everyone involved. The costs associated with hospice care can be either partially or fully covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurances.

Respite care facilities are also available in Iowa, providing temporary care for seniors whose primary caregivers are not able to provide it either because of lack of time or because they can’t provide the level of care needed. Respite care provides housing for seniors while their primary caregivers are busy with their own daily chores and obligations, or if they are simply in need of a breather. Iowa has 393 such facilities, and the costs associated with them can range anywhere from as low as $5,220 to as high as $11,267 per month, depending on the location and level of care needed.

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The state of Iowa has 820 assisted living facilities.

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The most popular assisted living services in Iowa are:

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  • Retirement Community
  • Independent Living
  • Hospice Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Continuum Care (CCRC)
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Home Residential Senior Care
  • Community Service

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Cost for Assisted Living in Iowa

The average monthly starting costs for assisted living facilities in Iowa (higher for residents requiring memory care) starts and depends on the level of care the resident. The average monthly cost of assisted living in Iowa starts from $2,400 to $4,300.

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