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Assisted living in Wyoming - facilities, retirement homes costs, reviews and photos

Assisted Living in Wyoming

Over the past few years, Wyoming has transformed into one of the top states where old people can retire in and enjoy their well-deserved rest in an assisted living facility of their choosing. In Wyoming, retirees can expect low taxes, a great community, and a comfortable climate. The so-called Cowboy State is also a home to a plethora of beautiful national parks, skyscraping mountains and lots of rivers, all of which can provide many outdoor activities from which you can choose for.

 There is a lot of information that you need to learn before retiring in any state, like the costs of senior living, the benefits, as well as the assisted living facilities. Before you choose to retire in Wyoming, feel free to use our website to find out more about the assisted living costs, facilities and diverse support systems and amenities that each facility has to offer. If you’re curious about the senior living options that each city has to offer, go through the list of cities on our website.

 When compared to the national average, Wyoming is somewhat cheaper to live in than in the other U.S. states. The housing index of Wyoming is 99.80, right below the national average of 100. The one-bedroom apartments have an average cost of $630 per month, whereas the two-bedroom apartments rent out for about $810 per month.

 Wyoming also has supervised adult care facilities which seniors can stay at during the day and partake in social activities while their caregivers can take care of their responsibilities. The adult care privileges in Wyoming cost about $1,842 per month. Because of the fact that adult day care facilities do not include extensive health care, it is an offer that more independent seniors choose to take, since they only require basic health services.

 Thought the state of Wyoming, there are also assisted living facilities which are designed for older people that need more help with their everyday activities. The average cost of assisted living facilities is about $3,415 per month, which includes access to health services as well as personal care.

 Wyoming also has plenty of nursing homes that provide seniors with 24/7 supervision and health care. The price for nursing homes varies, depending on the kind of room you want, be it a semi-private or fully private room, with costs averaging from $7,078 to $8,060 per month. At these nursing homes, seniors will receive medication, therapy, rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, and personal care whenever they need it.

Assisted Living in Wyoming

Benefits of Choosing Wyoming for Senior Living in Wyoming

Before you choose to retire in Wyoming, it’s good to know the pros and cons of this state. These are some of the pros of living in Wyoming:

Quiet life in Wyoming

Most of the towns in the Cowboy State have tightly knit communities and are mostly self-sustaining. While the neighbors don’t live very close to each other, they will provide assistance whenever the need arises, as well as checking up on their friends, particularly the elderly neighbors which they know might need some extra care.

Wyoming has lots of natural rock and vegetation formations which can be found all over the state. While Yellowstone and Old Faithful are well-known, Wyoming is also the home of the Devils Tower and the Grand Teton National Park. Many reservoirs have also been converted into parks, such as the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, and we better not forget the Grand Prismatic Spring.

Senior Tax Benefits in Wyoming

If we had to choose, one of the best things about Wyoming is that it has no income tax whatsoever. This includes no social security income taxes, no public or private pension taxes, and, as a bonus, withdrawals from retirement accounts are not taxed. The only taxes that seniors living in Wyoming will be required to pay are federal taxes.

Seniors Living Options in Wyoming

In Wyoming, seniors can find lots of living options for that time they decide to retire. These include independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing homes, and are as unique as the needs that retirees have. Below, you can find out more about each of these and decide which is most suitable for you.

Independent Living

This kind of senior living option is perfect for seniors that are still active, healthy and don’t have a need for extensive health care. Wyoming has more than 10 independent living facilities, and the prices for these living facilities range from $990 to $2,457 per month. Wyoming also has a plethora of apartments for seniors that are 55+ or 65+. These so-called apartment communities usually have appealing amenities that seniors might enjoy, such as pools, jacuzzies, clubhouses, walking trails and workout rooms.

Assisted Living

Wyoming has more than 30 assisted living facilities throughout the state. The prices for these range from $1,800 to $4,468 per month, and provide seniors with access to healthcare, dedicated caregivers, as well as social activities that seniors can partake in. In addition to this, seniors can get assistance with transport, laundry, food services, housekeeping, and around the clock surveillance. If you’re interested in an affordable assisted living facility, feel free to take a look at the Cheyenne area that has lower costs, while the highest assisted living facilities costs in Wyoming can be found in the Casper metropolitan area.

Memory Care in Wyoming

Being a home to 25 memory care facilities, seniors that are struggling with memory loss are sure to find the memory care that’s to their liking. In Wyoming, memory care can be found for an average cost of $53,766 per year, and the monthly costs range from $2,610 to $6,478. Seniors that are struggling with dementia can find comfort at one of these memory care facilities, and it goes without a mention that the staff here are trained to help seniors cope with their memory loss with the help of medication and special counsel. Also, seniors are provided with all the daily nutrition that they require.

Memory Care in Wyoming

Nursing Homes in Wyoming

With nearly 100 senior living facilities to choose from, seniors can be sure to find the facility that is right for them in the town of their choosing.

At the time, Wyoming has a few adult daycare centers, which are situated closer to the eastern border in towns like Casper and Gillette. The yearly average cost is $21,840, and the monthly costs vary, from $1,440 to $3,600 per month. Adult daycare is the perfect option for families that have lots of responsibilities and in need of help for their elderly family members.

Hospices are currently the best choice for terminally ill seniors. With around 25 facilities to choose from in Wyoming, which provide in-home care or a fully equipped facility. Hospices can take care of every single thing, including pain medications, special counseling for emotional pain, and chaplain for their spiritual needs. The costs for hospice care are covered by most insurance companies, which include Medicare and Medicaid.

Respite care has an average yearly cost of $78,840, and the monthly costs range from $8,004, up to $14,355 per month. Respite care can be another indispensable option for busy families since it provides professional care for their loved ones for as much time as needed. In cases such as when a family caregiver needs to leave the town for some amount of time or otherwise has some other responsibilities that need to be taken care of, respite care is the best option. Respite care can be provided in the home of the senior, or the senior can move to a room at a respite facility. Since respite care is most helpful when it’s nearby the homes of people, seniors will need to make sure that the town they want to move to has a respite facility close by.  

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The state of Wyoming has 122 assisted living facilities.

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The most popular assisted living services in Wyoming are:

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  • Retirement Community
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  • Hospice Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Continuum Care (CCRC)
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Home Residential Senior Care
  • Community Service

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The assisted living services available in Wyoming include in-home residential and assisted living situations, nursing homes, retirement communities, adult day care, and a range of independent living situations, you can also find Alzheimer's and hospice care.

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Cost for Assisted Living in Wyoming

The average monthly starting costs for assisted living facilities in Wyoming (higher for residents requiring memory care) starts and depends on the level of care the resident. The average monthly cost of assisted living in Wyoming starts from $1,800 to $3,500.

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