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Kentucky Assisted living facilities, cost, reviews and pricing

Assisted Living In Kentucky

Kentucky might not be the first choice for people seeking retirement, but it actually has plenty of benefits that people moving here might enjoy. For seniors, these benefits include food and transportation programs, a low cost of living and lots of tax incentives. In case you want to further educate yourself or simply keep your mind busy during your retirement, you’ll be happy to find out that Kentucky offers free college tuition for seniors aged 65+.

You surely want to find out more about the senior living costs, facilities and benefits that await you once you move to Kentucky, so let’s get right to it. Here, at Assisted Living Communities, we have collected various information about the senior living options in Kentucky, be it independent living or nursing homecare. We also have information about the various support systems that have been put in place at these facilities, including the amenities they provide for their residents. You can also use the list of cities below and find the closes senior living option to the city of your choosing.

When compared to the national average cost of living, Kentucky can be considered to be an affordable state to live in with a housing index of 86.20. For example, one-bedroom apartments have an average monthly cost of $565, compared to the national average of $825. Two-bedroom apartments, on the other hand, have an average monthly cost of approximately $687, compared to the national average of $1,027.

The monthly cost of living is something you should definitely get familiarized with, so let’s check what the costs are like in Kentucky. Home healthcare has an average monthly cost of about $3,695. For this price, seniors will be able to enjoy the comfort of their own homes while a designated aide will provide assistance with housekeeping and daily tasks.

Adult daycare facilities are also present in Kentucky, allowing primary caregivers to take care of their own obligations and chores during daytime, while the senior is provided a stay at a supervised facility. Adult daycare facilities in Kentucky have an average monthly cost of around $1,472. While this type of care has a basic health care, it does not include skilled nursing care or extensive care, which means that it’s best suited for seniors that are still mostly active and independent but could still benefit from some social interaction to keep themselves busy.

Seniors that require a greater degree of help with they day-to-day activities should take a look at some of the many assisted living facilities operating in Kentucky. For the average monthly cost of $3,445, primary caregivers will be relieved knowing their loved elderly are provided housing and quality personal care and health services.

For seniors that can no longer operate without any help and on their own can find solace at nursing homes, where aside from housing, they will be provided with professional caregivers, ‘round the clock safety supervision and skilled nursing care. Primary caregivers and family members can be at peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are receiving the best care possible at these facilities, including proper medication administration, therapies and rehabilitation, as well as personal care and supervision. Semi-private rooms have an average monthly cost of approximately $6,728, and seniors that prefer more privacy can opt for a private room for the average monthly cost of around $7,346.

Benefits of Choosing Kentucky for Senior Living

Kentucky has many benefits to offer its citizens, and besides the tax benefits, there are plenty of leisure opportunities, including good food. Seniors will never go to bed on empty stomach and their minds will be kept busy by the many senior-oriented activities that are present here. Below, we have listed just a few of them.

Southern Cooking in Kentucky

There aren’t many people that haven’t heard of KFC, and the various types of Kentucky Fried Chicken being offered in this state will leave you wanting for more. The classic southern cooking in Kentucky is one of the best in the nation, and the best part is that it can be enjoyed whenever you want to. Seniors and other people alike are advised to pay attention on how much they eat as it might raise some health issues.

Prized National Events in Kentucky

It comes to no surprise that the Kentucky Derby is being held in Louisville, Kentucky. People that enjoy attending equestrian events gather here from all over the world and watch the various horse races while wearing their large derby hats. Aside from these equestrian activities, there are other pastimes to enjoy in this state, like baseball games and bourbon fests.

Senior-Friendly Tax Benefits in Kentucky

The various tax benefits in Kentucky start with no taxation on Social Security Income. Additionally, public and private pensions are partially taxed, as is the case with withdrawals from retirement accounts. Furthermore, the marginal state tax rate is flat 0%. All in all, seniors that choose to retire in Kentucky will be pleased to know that they will have more leftover money during their stay in this state.

Free College Tuition in Kentucky

If you’re a senior that wants to keep learning in your golden years, Kentucky will be a smart choice for retirement. This is because the state offers seniors aged 65+ a waiver on tuition and all fees associated with state-supported colleges.

Senior Living Options

Seniors moving or considering moving to Kentucky for retirement have several choices on hand when it comes to senior living. These include independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing homecare, according to each senior’s needs and wants. Keep reading below to find out more about each of these.

Independent Living

Kentucky is home to over 500 independent living facilities which are scattered all over the state. This type of senior living is best suited for seniors that don’t require 24/7 nursing care and are still mostly active and independent.  As far as independent living in Kentucky is concerned, seniors will be able to choose to stay at an independent living facility or a senior apartment community. These active senior communities aside from housing, provide their residents with various useful amenities like gyms, walking and hiking trails, meeting rooms, pools and jacuzzies, and much more. The average monthly cost range for independent living facilities in Kentucky is anywhere between $649 and $4,620.

Assisted Living

Kentucky is also home to assisted living facilities which operate statewide and give seniors access to professional caregivers, quality healthcare, various social and local activities, and other benefits. The staff operating in these facilities are professionally trained in providing seniors help with housekeeping, laundry service, personal transportation, meal preparation, and ‘round the clock safety surveillance.

Assisted living facilities in Kentucky have an average monthly cost range from as low as $1,181 to as high as $8,400. The more affordable facilities can be found in the Owensboro area, while the more expensive ones are located in the Lexington-Fayette areas.

Memory Care in Kentucky

Memory Care in Kentucky

Memory care centers operate all over Kentucky and they specialize in providing care for seniors that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or some other dementia-related ailments. The facilities where these centers are located at are designed in such a way as to minimize the risk of seniors wandering off and getting lost, and the staff at these facilities are always prepared to provide assistance whenever a resident becomes distraught because of memory loss. The severity of dementia varies significantly from person to person, depending on the progression of the disease and the motor and psychological condition of the patient. More advanced forms of dementia require a greater degree of care and supervision, in order to reduce the stress and feeling of hopelessness when a person loses memory of who or where they are. There are over 160 such memory care centers in Kentucky for seniors and their families to choose from, depending on the needs of their aging loved ones that have been diagnosed with this ailment.  The average monthly cost range for memory care centers in Kentucky starts off at approximately $1,712 and can get as high as $12,180. The big cost difference is because of the varied extensiveness of care needed for the patient, the quality of the medical aides and treatments provided.

Nursing Homes in Kentucky

When it comes to senior living providers, Kentucky has lots to offer in the affordable department. Currently, Kentucky has over 560 senior living providers operating in the state, and they provide everything that their residents need in order to lead a comfortable life.

30 of those senior living providers are attributed to adult daycare facilities, which provide every medical need their residents require in a safe and supervised facility. The average annual cost for adult daycare facilities in Kentucky is roughly $16,510, and this price depends on the location of the facility, the activities being provided, the level of care needed by the resident, and other factors. While this certainly is a bonus, it only adds to the low costs for senior living when compared to other states in the nation.

Seniors that have been diagnosed with terminal illness can find comfort in one of the 41 hospices operating in Kentucky. Residents are provided with carefully administered medications in order to alleviate the pain brought about by their illness. Hospices also provide seniors and their families with grief counseling during these trying times and helping them come to terms with the impending death of their loved ones. Chaplain services are also provided for those with spiritual needs. The costs for hospice care can be either partially or fully covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurances, and the administrative staff at these facilities can provide assistance with the paperwork required in order to find out how to make the senior eligible for costs coverage. Therapies are also provided, including three nutritional meals, and much more.

Seniors that can’t get through the day without any help from someone will find help at one of the 226 respite care facilities which step in instead of the primary caregivers, which are usually a caring family member that is unpaid. They do this by providing seniors with all the needs they may have that would otherwise be taken care of the primary caregiver, while he or she is busy taking care of their own daily tasks and obligations, or simply need to rest and recuperate. The amount of time that respite care is provided depends on the needs of the senior and they can be as short as few hours a day or as long as months on end. The average annual cost for respite care in Kentucky is approximately $73,000, a price that is pretty lower than the national average of over $100,000 per year.

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Cost for Assisted Living in Kentucky

The average monthly starting costs for assisted living facilities in Kentucky (higher for residents requiring memory care) starts and depends on the level of care the resident. The average monthly cost of assisted living in Kentucky starts from $2,400 to $3,600.

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