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My grandfather past away at age 93 after a short 2 week stay in the hospital. Until then he lived at home by himself with the help of his grown-up children All of them married with their on big family.
His wife, my grandmother, that’s the way 16 years earlier. So for 16 years and lived by himself with the company of his kids and grandchildren who were there on rotation. Most of the time we will advance when our next is to go to be with our grandfather, but emergencies always happen and schedules need to be moved around, so I found myself many times spending the night at my grandfathers‘ from where I have to go straight back to work the next day.
And those sleepless nights I thought about assisted living and the benefits that may come of such services. The reason he wasn’t placed in such a facility was because he didn’t like what he saw where he went. And rightly so…
But his choices were limited to the few options the family know about, and they weren’t that lucrative. Then it dawned on me: if only I had access to all assisted living facilities.
So, here we are! We managed to build a beautiful and easy-to-use website with all information of assisted-living homes in all over the US. 
But we didn’t stop there. We also listed 20,000 popular landmarks near the homes, so the families using the facilities would be able to visit.
And we also added Pharmacies and Hospitals in the neighborhood of those facilities, to be able to make informed and educated decisions while selecting the ultimate home for your love ones.
Wishing you all the best!