Is a Tiny Home a Retirement Housing Option?

Is a Tiny Home a Retirement Housing Option?


As we get older, a large house can become cumbersome. In addition to there being a lot to maintain and clean, accessibility issues may also arise if there are too many stairs or other obstacles. For many of us, retirement includes moving into a smaller and easier to manage home. Many of the homes that we retire in also accommodate limited mobility.

As tiny homes begin to find a place in the market, it is only natural to consider the feasibility of seniors using them. The homes are, like their name, quite tiny with few areas to keep clean and a limited number of fixtures to maintain or replace.

That is on what Doctor Bill Thomas, the founder of The Green House model, has based his idea. He would like to see small communities of the tiny homes designed for older adults who would like to continue living independently without much cost.

According to McKnight’s Senior Living, he has already designed a tiny home with that goal in mind. It is called the Minka prototype and was created for his adult daughter, Haleigh Jane, who suffers from a neurological disorder, Otahara syndrome, for which she requires constant care. It will be available on AirBnB for interested people to try out.

The University of Southern Indiana in Evansville will also be testing another prototype in a year-long project on their campus. 


When thinking about retirement housing, don’t just consider all of the standard options. Think outside of the box to find a home that really suits you, your lifestyle, wants, and requirements. Whether it is an assisted living community near an active city, a tiny home community, or a senior artists’ colony in nature, there really is no place like home. 

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