Top Security Technologies When Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

Top Security Technologies When Choosing An Assisted Living Facility


As the number of elderly people afflicted with ailments continues to grow, assisted living facilities are becoming essential. In assisted living, your loved ones can get the attention and support needed to live a fruitful life. There are many benefits to assisted living, so long as you select the correct facility.

When selecting an assisted living facility, one of the biggest things you need to consider is security technology. People with conditions like Candida Overgrowth, Dementia, and Alzheimer's lack normal levels of awareness as they are often confused. As a result, they often wander off and get lost. With proper security measures, your loved ones will have protection from any dangers, including themselves. 

You just need to know what security technology is best to protect your family members. In this article, you’ll learn all about the different types of technology that can protect residents from any harm. We recommend a variety of technologies, including visitor check-in, access control, video cameras, emergency technology, patient monitoring, and real-time notifications. 

Visitor Check-In

Integrated access control and visitor management system is a simple way to verify visitors without intimidating them. The systems can coordinate to provide visitors with easy access and ensure no intruders can enter. With the visitor management system, security can set guests up for pre-registration. 

Regular visitors can set up IDs beforehand with the access control system for streamlined access. When they come to visit, they just need to scan their ID and enter. Access control will check a visitor’s identity for enhanced security without inconveniencing the visitor. 

Integrated security offers the highest level of protection without putting every person through extreme measures. It will make visiting your loved ones feel easy. 

Access Control Systems 

Within the facility, there will need to be some form of security technology to prevent residents from accessing private areas of the building. Keyless door entry and rule-based access are great ways to ensure the safety of residents easily. 

Keyless Door Entry

With keyless door entry, residents and employees will need to scan their credentials to access certain rooms, hallways, and buildings. Residents will no longer need to carry keys when walking around the facility. Instead, they would either need to wear an ID badge or remain with a staff member at all times. This ensures that they only access areas that they are allowed. 

There are many different types of keyless door entry solutions, such as an IP door access control system. They can integrate with other security technologies and be managed remotely for premium security. 

Rule-Based Access

Pre-decided rules can determine access control. If a resident attempts to access the kitchen, they won’t be able to access it as the rules will ban them. This will protect them from accessing dangerous areas and harming themselves. As well, the system can even alert security to the access attempt so a carer can come to provide help to the resident. 

Security Cameras

Security can monitor the facility with security cameras and ensure the safety of your loved ones in real-time. Video cameras have multiple uses that can strengthen the protection of the facility. They can capture intruders in real-time and initiate protocols to protect the residents. 

As well, security cameras can ensure that your loved ones are getting the proper care. They will capture the behavior and quality of staff members to make sure that residents get the treatment they deserve. Overall, video cameras ensure that residents are safe and cared for daily. 

Fire Related Emergency Technology 

You might expect any assisted living facility to have simple safety measures like smoke and fire alarms. But, if you don’t check, you could regret it. It is incredibly common for people with illnesses to struggle with brain fog and forget what they’re doing, including cooking. They are highly at risk of setting a fire without knowing. 

Fire and smoke alarms protect them from smoke inhalation as they alert carers and the authorities to the fire. Every assisted living facility should have them and perform regular checks to keep your loved ones safe. 

In-Room Patient Monitoring 

Assisted living provides residents with the care and support they need while also offering them a sense of independence. With in-room patient monitoring, residents are not constantly watched but still have a handy just-in-case measure to notify staff when needed. 

There are multiple types of monitoring measures that could protect your family, including motion sensors, emergency buttons, and watchdog systems. They would draw the nurses' attention in an emergency and get the help your family member needs. 

Motion Sensors 

If patients are moving around in their room at night, attempting to leave, or are at risk of failing, they will set off the sensors. The sensors will notify the staff and alert them to come to the room. Nurses will be able to go, return the resident to bed, and prevent them from incurring any unwanted injuries. 

Emergency Buttons

It’s common practice for most assisted living facilities to either have alert buttons by the side of the bed or pendants for residents to wear. If a resident finds themselves in pain or trouble, they can press the button and alert staff. Nurses will come and provide help as needed. It is essential to check that any facility uses emergency buttons as an additional measure. 

Watchdog Systems

Many emergency button pendants come with watchdog systems that track the resident’s location. If they press the emergency button outside of their room, the nurses will be able to see their location and find them. This is extremely helpful if the resident goes for a wander and needs a prompt response. A watchdog system could save their lives. 

Real-Time Security Notifications

With an integrated security system, your security technologies will all be accessible on one network. Security can manage access control, visitor management, video cameras, patient monitoring, and emergency technology all at once. They will get real-time security notifications for all technologies on one platform. 

As a result, security will be able to respond faster to any intruders, lost residents, or generally dangerous situations. Residents will be safe against any kind of incident with real-time notifications. 

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