A senior couple’s sex game accidentally burns down house with a flamethrower

A senior couple’s sex game accidentally burns down house with a flamethrower


A senior couple’s sex game involving a World War 2 flamethrower took a wrong turn and burned down their house.

Firefighters went to the scene of the accident at 11:15 in the morning, after being called for by a rather unique phone call. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything for the house which burned to the ground.

The 911 operator that took the call was Nancy Brown, and it was made by 96-year old Maurice Fogerty. At first, Ms. Brown thought that this was a prank call when Maurice told her that he “torched the house with napalm while having sex with his wife”.

“He told me he was penetrating his wife with his M1, as usual, but got too excited and activated the flamethrower,” she said.

After hearing that, Ms. Brown said that she was shocked for a brief time, and had to take a minute to come to a conclusion that it’s true.

“He kept repeating that everything was burning and I could hear his wife screaming behind him, but I still couldn’t believe this could be real,” she added.

Mr. Fogerty was accompanied by his wife to the hospital to receive treatment for the psychological shock that was caused by the things that transpired. Other that some mild psychological trauma, they weren’t injured.

No criminal charges will be taken, but the couple might have some difficulties with their insurance policies, since damages done by the use of weapons in sex games are probably not covered.

There were another similar cases that were taken to court back in 2004 and 2011, the first involving a Gatling gun and the latter involving a rocket launcher. In both cases, the insurance company wasn’t ordered to pay insurance to the claimants.

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Sholem Berkowitz
Sholem Berkowitz

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