How Protective Underwear Can Benefit The Elderly

How Protective Underwear Can Benefit The Elderly


A lot of people, especially the elderly, are starting to wear protective underwear when they’re out and about. This type of undergarment helps protect sensitive skin that can easily get damaged or irritated without proper protection. It also helps the wearer address incontinence issues.

Here are some of the other ways that protective underwear can benefit the elderly.

1. Promotes Comfort

Many older people prefer to wear protective underwear for adults due to the following reasons:

  • The design of most protective underwear usually features a soft pad underneath that helps absorb urine. It also typically comes with extra padding to help keep the underwear comfortable and prevent irritation
  • Most protective undergarments are specially designed to offer a full range of motion. This means that the wearer can move and bend without the worry of the fabric or other materials getting caught on anything while they’re moving
  • There are also certain types and brands that come with special designs that help to keep the skin from sweating, while also offering the same coverage from moisture that older people need in order to stay comfortable
  • There are even protective undergarments that will give the elderly added protection from the cold and heat by making sure that the body has a barrier against harmful elements.

2. Prevents Urinary Tract Infection

Many elderly people are often at risk of developing urinary tract infections. Urinary tract infections refer to infections in the bladder and urethra that can damage tissue and cause kidney or bladder problems if left untreated. Protecting your loved one from this type of infection is crucial, and can be done by getting them protective underwear.

3. Helps Effectively Manage Incontinence

The use of protective underwear can help older people cope with incontinence, which is a common problem that can be alleviated by using the right underwear to take care of the problem.

Here are some essential things to know about elderly incontinence:

  • Incontinence is a very common condition that many elderly people face. Many of these individuals tend to have an involuntary urge to urinate that cannot be controlled
  • Some of the symptoms of elderly incontinence include being unable to control the urge to urinate, feeling a burning sensation when having an urge to urinate, the inability to have control over the flow of urine, and even an increase in the frequency of urination. If these symptoms are present, it can be difficult for someone to get through their day without needing to use the bathroom. This can be especially difficult for the elderly
  • It can be very hard for an elderly person to go to public places or enjoy a vacation with their family without worrying about their condition. Protective underwear can help to ease the symptoms that come along with incontinence

4. Improves Independence

The elderly need to be able to get enough rest and to feel comfortable, especially if they’re suffering from mobility and cognitive issues. When an older person always worries about involuntary urination, they begin to lose their independence and become very dependent on others to get them through their day.

Protective underwear can help give the elderly a chance to live a life that they can be proud of. When used properly, it’ll help to take care of their needs easily and conveniently. It’s something that can be worn under a normal set of pants so that it is always comfortable for the elderly person to wear and won’t irritate their skin.

5. Prevents Skin Problems

The problem with many older people’s skin is that it can become less elastic and inflexible over time. With age, the skin tends to wrinkle, sag, and even become brittle. This damage can also be caused by friction between the skin and the clothing that is being worn by the person.  

Because of the damage that aging skin can sustain on its own, wearing a protective undergarment can help protect the wearer from skin problems near the genitals and buttocks due to urinary incontinence. Many of these undergarments also include special types of fabrics that help reduce wrinkles and make the skin more comfortable. This is why so many people wear protective undergarments while they’re out and about.

6. Offers Muscle Support

Another benefit of wearing protective undergarments for older adults is that they offer support to the muscles that may become sore after a long day of activity. These undergarments will help prevent aching muscles by providing extra support. This also helps reduce the risk of developing muscle stiffness and pain.


While the use of protective underwear may be for comfort, it can also provide muscle support and prevent skin damage. This type of undergarments can be made of fabrics that help address urinary incontinence and provide protection from moisture as well.

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