Having Stomach Problems? Your Doctor May Someday Prescribe a Diet of Crickets

Having Stomach Problems? Your Doctor May Someday Prescribe a Diet of Crickets


According to recent research, eating crickets can have numerous positive effects on your gut health. Ingesting them can help to reduce inflammation, encourage an increase in metabolic enzymes needed for a healthy gut, and add a strain of good bacteria called Bifidobacterium animalis as well. Crickets also happen to be high in protein and a potentially good food source, which is what the study was originally looking into.

These scientists aren't the only ones looking into insects as a source of food. It has become a growing interest lately and something that over two billion people on our planet already eat.

Tiffany Weir, a professor of food science and human nutrition at Colorado State University and co-corresponding author involved in the latest report, described it this way:

“This study is important because insects represent a novel component in Western diets and their health effects in human populations haven’t really been studied. With what we now know about the gut microbiota and its relationship to human health, it’s important to establish how a novel food might affect gut microbial populations. We found that cricket consumption may actually offer benefits beyond nutrition.”


Are you still squeamish about the idea of eating crickets or any other insects for that matter? You're not alone. If you still want to try it but can't quite handle the idea of crunching into a freshly sautéed bug, consider looking into cricket flour. It looks a lot like ordinary flour and can be incorporated into (and hidden in) many of your tried and trusted recipes. As for what the flavor is like, here is little to worry about regarding that as well. Most people describe it as surprisingly mild and a little like nuts or popcorn. As it turns out, crickets do not have a very strong flavor to begin with.  

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