What are the most important trials that heart disease people need to know

What are the most important trials that heart disease people need to know


The clinical trials lately show how new therapies are proved to help heart disease. Today there are a lot of types of trials from prevention to survivorship. But which one of them are the most important?

Today a lot of medicines such as aspirin and cholesterol-lowering drugs are used for prevention from heart disease were previously tested in clinical trials. And also another way of improving the health condition and preventing the heart disease is the healthy diet known as Dash diet. It also improves the clinical condition of those suffering with a high blood pressure. And all the researches made the pacemakers possible and helped many people with problems with their heart function.

But the main question stands still open. People were still wondering what would be the best choice to treat these heart diseases. To find the answer and the cure, the American Heart Association started a very detailed scientific research in which women were examined. This research engaged women to share all their information about health and help researcher to know more about the women’s heart disease.

But as the previous results show, there is no specific data in the clinical studies that one of three of women’s deaths are due to the heart and cardiovascular disease. A cardiologist from the Mount Sinai Hospital and volunteer and medical expert at the Heart Association for women Go Red, Suzanne Steinbaum, says that all these researches don’t discover the diagnosis, but only the prevention and the treatment of the disease.

Are there different types of clinical trials for Heart Health?

The term clinical trials usually lead the people to consider it as a testing new medicine. Or even that it is used for people that are really sick or are about to die because of a deadly disease. And also the trials are divided by the prevention and the survivor functions. Some of them are:

  • Trials that are designed to improve the health of the heart and promote all the changes in behavior, and also to evaluate them. They are known as behavioral trials
  • Trials that are used when different types of heart disease are diagnosed, and the trials are also known as diagnostic trials
  • Prevention trials, dealing with the lifestyle changes and finding better ways to prevent the people from a heart disease
  • Trials that deal with the support and care to people suffering from this disease and the ways how to improve the way of life, named quality-of-life-trials
  • The screening trials which are testing and are finding ways to detect the disease
  • Trials that are important for testing new treatments and many other combinations of medicine, and new surgery approaches – the treatment trials

Where can these clinical trials be found?

The clinical trials are very much reachable nowadays. Most of them can be found on the internet websites, such as ClinicalTrials.gov and the American Blood Institute website and Heart Disease website. As Dr. Steinbaum says it is very important to be able all the people to find all the trials and to get more information that can be helpful to them.

Compared to men, women have bigger impact of depression from the heart disease. And the African-American group of women is more exposed to the disease than others. So far there is no proof why this differences exists but the future development of the medicine maybe will give some answers. On the other side the blood pressures changes to  all men and women, and controlling it is the best prevention from the heart disease, until another solution would be found.

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