Trends And Predictions for The Senior Care Industry In 2021

Trends And Predictions for The Senior Care Industry In 2021


The coronavirus pandemic hit us unexpectedly but also offered us a second chance to measure and assess progress. Major industries have changed for the better due to the pandemic, with the senior care industry leading the way. An immediate need for quick solutions made everyone act fast and make prompt decisions to help senior citizens get the necessary care.

Building a future that corresponds to our values is necessary today, when the world is experimenting such a huge setback. The senior industry will be seeing many essential changes within the next years – let’s explore just some of the most important ones that will soon follow.  

1. A digital transformation

The healthcare industry for seniors will be undergoing many changes over the next few years. The coronavirus pandemic taught us many lessons, some of which are explained below.

  • Inside senior care facilities, residents must be allowed and able to communicate with family members from their rooms. The connections should not be restricted to audio-only. Video connection will be enacted. This will offer peace of mind to the residents as well as families.
  • The presence of a doctor inside a facility will be required at all times. If that won’t be possible due to special circumstances, videoconferencing will be used to assess and aid residents. Telehealth is the newest trend that provides medical assurance for patients, doctors, and families.
  • This pandemic has been helping us understand the importance of connection, even if online. In-person meetings may be replaced with digital activities.

With an active video connection and access to telehealth medicine, seniors will be taken care of more properly. Not only will they be supported 24/7 but they’ll also be able to connect with their loved ones more easily. The digital era comes with many beneficial changes for the senior living industry.

2. Healthcare delivery – at home!

Healthcare delivery will also see changes within the next years. The coronavirus pandemic made us realize the importance of delivering healthcare at home. Healthcare services will be delivered onsite where seniors live. This will be made possible by creating a bridge between hospitals and local health providers. The more partnerships are created, the more staff will be available for seniors.

3. More transparency

Another key trend is transparency. Senior care facilities will provide better, more structured information about their residents’ underlying conditions. During covid-19, many facilities accidentally misreported these numbers or forgot to update their residents’ information. This cannot happen again, as congregate living settings are striving towards a more transparent outlook. Publishing information in real-time and updating it constantly are two of the goals that these facilities have set. 

4. A new workplace culture

During the coronavirus pandemic, emergency staff and reliable personnel have been essential. Unfortunately, not all facilities had enough employees to face this crisis; some couldn’t even handle sick residents’ requests, not to mention healthcare problems. 

This is why we will see a change in the workplace in the next decade. The senior living staff will be trained to handle critical situations. Sick residents will be quickly treated. A more trusting relationship will be developed between staff and leaders. There will be no superiors, no ranks, the concerns of the residents’ families will always come first. There will be no “bosses” anymore, only leaders who will jump in to solve any issues residents might experience. 

5. A better story to tell 

Another major trend that we’ll see in the future is a change in missions and values. Seniors have been suffered terribly during this pandemic, so living facilities need to restructure their healthcare plans. The new approach will include more human interaction, finding a purpose and a goal for each activity, and helping residents feeling more alive than ever. This can only happen through a frame of care and support, which is exactly what these institutions are striving for. Better values mean better stories to tell; and better stories mean better senior care.

Wrapping Up

The senior living industry has suffered greatly during this pandemic. This is why this industry will see quick digital transformation in the near future, provide onsite healthcare delivery by forming new partnerships, develop a more transparent approach, change the workplace culture, and redefine essential values and missions. 

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