6 Super Fun Ways For Older Adults To Get In Shape

6 Super Fun Ways For Older Adults To Get In Shape


With age, taking care of your well-being becomes a challenging task. If you are a senior citizen, few things are more critical for you than keeping your body in good shape. Although regular physical training is the proper way to stay physically fit, older adults are not always able to go through rigorous daily exercises. Moreover, seniors often feel that their physical restrictions are an obstruction to healthy activities.

Interestingly, regardless of their health complications, older adults can indulge in several fun-filled, low-impact physical activities to get their bodies in shape. Here is a list of six extremely fun ways for the elderly to improve the body and lighten their minds.

1. Playing With Dogs

If you are a dog owner, you’d be glad to know that you can enjoy several health benefits by walking or playing with your dog a couple of times a week. Casually walking with your dog can enhance your cardiovascular fitness, decrease blood pressure, boost muscle and bone strength, and lower stress levels.

However, senior citizens have to take special precautions when taking a highly agile dog out for a walk. Dogs can start running fast abruptly, making you scamper, much to your discomfort. Therefore, prepare yourself before you go out for dog walking. Stretch the back and front of your legs and arms. Make sure you are wearing a good pair of walking shoes. Equip yourself with a strong dog leash to keep the motions of your furry friend under control. Depending on the temperatures outside, put on protective clothing. If the weather is extremely cold, make your dog wear Full Body Dog Coats

2. Practicing Casual Dancing

If you think going directly into a rigid physical training schedule is harsh on your old bones, you can start with copying some dance moves. Studies suggest that dancing positively impacts an older adult’s gait, balance, strength, dynamic mobility, and physical performance. Besides helping with mobility, dancing improves the condition of your lungs and heart, boosts muscular strength, improves your endurance, enhances aerobic fitness, and increases muscle strength and motor fitness.

Such advantages of dancing help older adults with better bodily coordination and improved physical confidence. So dancing is not only beneficial for making the body fitter, it can make grey hairs more self-confident, sociable, and productive. Moreover, if a senior is recovering from surgery or a longstanding ailment, dancing may be the best way for him to get back to normal movement.     

3. Going For A Swim

There are very few healthier things than swimming in the local pool or river. Water aerobics is an excellent means to enhance body composition and address lower-back pain. Swimming is extra beneficial for older adults because it mobilizes your whole body and makes all your organs active.

Regular swimming has some great advantages for the seniors, such as:

  • Swimming helps maintain heart rate and reduces the impact of stress on the body
  • It improves endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle strength
  • It is beneficial for your lungs
  • Swimming keeps your muscles in good shape and keeps your body weight in check
  • It is an easy way to activate all your body muscles
  • It betters your physical posture, balance, and coordination
  • Older adults can benefit from the relaxing influence of swimming

4. Cycling In The Meadows

Older adults are often restricted to their homes, and they seldom get a chance to enjoy the natural landscapes. If you are a senior and always feel the pool of the outdoors, cycling can be a perfect choice to rejuvenate your physical and mental health.

Cycling is a low-impact exercise that helps you get in shape in various ways. As an older adult, you should start cycling for the following reasons:

  • Cycling can be done at various intensity levels. So if your old bones prefer calmness, you can lazily ride your bike
  • Cycling assists older adults in lowering body fat and helps them manage weight
  • Cycling boosts metabolism and tones body muscles, which allows riders to burn even more calories
  • Cycling is particularly beneficial for the lower body. It strengthens leg muscles, calves, glutes, and quads
  • Cycling has a positive impact on your core muscles, such as back muscles and abdominals

5. Practicing Yoga In Groups

Yoga has become a staple when it comes to physical training. However, it can be difficult for a senior to indulge in Yoga Asanas all alone. Therefore, asking your friends to join in a fun Yoga session is a great way to improve your body balance without stressing yourself.

Simple yoga poses like Seated Meditation Pose, Child’s Pose, Baby Cobra, Tree Pose, Full Boat Pose, and Corpse Pose help with your body balance and mobility. Older adults suffering from ailments like joint degeneration, back pain, rounded shoulders, or spinal dysfunction can benefit immensely from yoga.

6. Walking

If the activities mentioned above are too difficult for your liking, simply walking every morning can be enough to keep your body in good shape. Walking is the least stressful exercise, and it helps reduce the risks of stroke, colon cancer, heart disease, and diabetes among seniors. Old persons should walk in groups, preferably in a park or on walk-friendly trails.

Final Words

It requires a lot of confidence and self-belief for the elderly to begin taking care of their physique. With the right kind of assistance and emotional support, older adults can get an enviable body with the help of the methods mentioned above.

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