Nation Celebrates National Senior Health and Fitness Day

Nation Celebrates National Senior Health and Fitness Day


Across the country seniors flexed their muscles to celebrate the 25th National Senior Health and Fitness Day on Wednesday, May 30th.  During the annual event over 100,000 seniors participate in events to emphasize the importance of their health and fitness.

This is the nation’s largest senior citizen health and wellness event with approximately 1,000 facilities participating.

Celebrations ranged from events held by the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans to walking and exercise events.  The NBA franchise partnered with the American Diabetes Association to promote senior wellness over the course of the entire month.

Other venues held strength and fitness events to combat arthritis and other health concerns.  Another frequent mode of celebration was to promote eating healthy and making good dietary choices.

The main goal of this year’s event was to promote exercise as fun and remind seniors of the health benefits exercising as a senior.  A recent story on our website discusses the link between exercise and increased cognitive functions in senior citizens, and it is worth checking out for more information on the topic

The theme for this year’s event was “Active Today… Healthier Tomorrow”.  A contest was also held to choose the theme of next year’s event with a cash prize available to the winner.  The event is always held on the last Wednesday in May, so you can already mark your calendars for next year.

Let us know if you participated in the National Senior Health and Fitness Day celebrations by leaving a comment below.

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