Exercise May Help Improve Thinking Skills As We Age

Exercise May Help Improve Thinking Skills As We Age


A recent review of nearly 100 studies shows just how much exercise can help with cognitive function in adults. Joyce Gomes-Osman of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine's Neuromotor Plasticity Laboratory did the analysis along with her team and made some hopeful discoveries.

The research she has reviewed demonstrates that people who exercise approximately twice a week on average for an hour per session will begin to show improvement in their thinking skills. Those who exercise regularly can expect to see enhancements in how quickly they process information, their time management abilities, attention, concentration, goal achievement, and general executive function.

What type of exercise is best for the mind?

Researchers determined that the type of activity does not have much of an impact. What is important is that you are moving on a regular basis to improve overall blood flow. Aerobic exercise, strength training, and mind-body exercise were all found to be beneficial.

Exercise helps to reduce cognitive decline as well as improve it at any age. The benefits have even been seen in patients with dementia. It would be difficult to find a situation in which general health improvements, movement, and increased blood flow to the brain do not have a positive effect on our cognitive abilities.

In an interview with US News, Dr. Ajay Misra of New York University Winthrop Hospital stated that physical activity improves blood circulation "all over the body (and) that includes the brain." Misra also noted that exercise produces endorphins which help to improve motivation and enjoyment, resulting in a more positive view of life which may assist in improving how we think and the complexity and depth of what we choose to focus on.

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