What are the most important sleeping tips for seniors?

What are the most important sleeping tips for seniors?


Having a good sleep is very important.  It means health, good mood and better brain functions. But with aging, there are several changes in our sleep. Some of us might feel sleepy earlier than usual, or in some cases not being able to sleep the whole night. Not being able to get into a deep sleep and waking up tired every morning are maybe parts of the insomnia, but sure not part of the aging process. Sleeping is important for every person no matter age, because it is essential for physical and emotional health.

Also having better concentration is connected with a good sleep. Sleep repairs your bogy cells, improves memory and immune system. People who have a deep sleep are healthier and happier, and those who don’t have problems with memory and attention, sleepiness the whole day and even worse - suffer from depression. Not sleeping enough can also be the cause for many diseases such as diabetes, breast cancer for women and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Problems with weight can also be a consequence of insufficient sleep.

So improving your good night sleep is very important. That’s why we are going to mention several tips to help people overcome insomnia and sleeping problems and get a good rest at night.

Tip 1: Does sleep changes with age?

There are certain facts that a healthy person sleeps from 7.5 to 9 hours per night. But with the levels of growth hormone are produced less and less, which also affects the production of melatonin necessary for good sleep. Maybe this is the reason why people wake up more often during the night sleep, considering themselves light sleepers. Those people can also need to go to bed earlier, or take a short nap during the day.

But there are a few sleeping problems that cannot be always related to age. They are sometimes part of a certain state called sleep disorder. In this state, people find it difficult to fall asleep not matter of being tired, feel sleepy during the whole day, are easy to awake, lose concentration, fall asleep easily when sitting still, and find it difficult to control their emotions.

Tip 2: Try to identify the important issues

There are a lot of types of insomnia caused by many different issues. It is essential to identify the causes so they can be treated by the appropriate treatment. Issues such as being under stress or being depressed, feeling hopeless and worried can be some of the problems why people cannot sleep. Also if they are on some medications or survived a big trauma affects a good night sleep.

The list of issues that cause insomnia to adults is a bit longer, but we can point to some of them. In some cases, the insomnia can be a result of a very bad sleeping habits and environment. For example, we all need a quiet and comfortable sleeping room, instead of falling asleep while watching TV on the sofa. Also drinking alcohol before going to bed affects the sleeping.

Some disease, intake of some medicine, diabetes and Alzheimer’s can also change the sleeping. In some cases maybe the best thing could be talking to a doctor for the right solution. Women can suffer from insomnia while in menopause and it sometimes continues after that. Diets and exercise can help sometimes.

Stress can be another reason. Moving to a new home for example or the loss of our loved ones affects mood and sleep. Being able to talk face to face is the remedy sometimes. Socially active person and exposed to direct sunlight often has a higher level of melatonin which is the most important fighter against insomnia.

Tip 3: Are bad sleep habits important

There are many ways of how someone can improve his or her sleep. People try different things from changing their sleep environment and daily habits to even trying to change their emotional state. But because we are not all the same, different experiment were performed in order to find the right path to improve sleeping.

A darker room without many artificial lights and a turned-off TV encourages the night sleep. A comfortable and cool bed is essential. Your bedroom should be used only for sleeping and sex, not work. Restful sleep is associated with sex and physical intimacy.

Going to bed earlier or in the same time every day even on weekends, and developing habits such as listening to music or taking a bath before going to bed associates your brain with a good night sleep.  

Taking a nap during a day affects night sleep it should be short, earlier in the day and in a comfortable place in the house.

Tip 4: Do diet and exercise affect sleep

Diet and exercise are those ones who affect good night sleep the most. To be able someone to sleep better, he or she should avoid coffee or tea, and even alcohol before bedtime. Drinking warm milk and having a light snack before bed, instead of consuming spicy or sugary foods, big meals and a lot of liquids intake, gives peaceful sleep.

Exercise such as swimming, going dancing or taking evening dancing classes or even running leads to good night sleep.  Also aerobic is the one who can help adults getting their sleep.

Tip 5: Mental stress reduction

All the mental anxiety and worries during one day also interfere with good sleep. So you need to relax before bed time in order to get a peaceful sleep. Maybe listening to calming music or reading books before bedtime makes the body and brain relaxed.
Some adults cannot find a way out how they can get their sleep back. So if you are unable to solve the problems, it is advisable to visit a doctor and get help. A sleeping specialist will bring back your sleep and good mood taken by insomnia.

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