Technology is becoming a Part and Parcel of Assisted Living Communities, Studies Reveal

Technology is becoming a Part and Parcel of Assisted Living Communities, Studies Reveal


How Technology is becoming a Part and Parcel of Assisted Living Communities For a number of years now, it has been falsely perceived that baby boomers are computer illiterate and know nothing about today’s technology. The truth is, this perception is based on past studies, which basically do not give the clear picture on the ground. Today’s seniors are unsurprisingly catching up with their younger counterparts and are more and more embracing the modern day technology even in assisted living. Even though technological advancements are on the forefront in improving the quality of life for the residents of assisted living facilities, it is very clear that the same technologies are now enriching the lives the elderly in these communities, as well as those of their families. There is no doubt that today’s seniors are getting more digital-savvy than ever before. A recent research by Pew clearly indicates that more than 30% of adults aged 65 and above own a smartphone, 55% own a laptop or a computer and 32% own a tablet. Better still, the study found out that these devices not only keep the elderly connected to others, but also play a crucial role in improving the elderly health both physically and mentally. It is such importance of these modern technologies and devices that have ensured that many senior living communities all over the country integrate technology programs into the daily routines of their residents so as to keep them physically safe, mentally active and connected to others. So, what are the Best Technology for the Elderly in Assisted Living? While smartphones, tablets and computers are crucial for enriching the lives of the elderly in assisted living, they are not the only types of tech devices that can be used in improving the wellness of the elderly. Technology is constantly changing the way we live our lives and more than ever, help in keeping us healthier while showing us how to live longer. Similarly, technology plays an important role in keeping the elderly connected to their loved ones and to their beloved communities. That is why the market for aging technology is expected to grow to $42.7 billion by the year 2020, at least according to Consumer Technology Association (CTA). In that regard, some of the best technologies for the elderly in Assisted Living include: Wireless Internet- A recent reliable study pointed out that close to 90 percent of Assisted Living communities have integrated some form of wireless internet in their facilities. More than 36 percent of those communities use their wireless internet to specifically provide their residents with access to social networking platforms, thus improving their lives. Video Games- A number of studies also indicates that seniors who play video games tend to be healthier mentally, emotionally and physically. This is because video games are generally vital in improving the cognitive functioning of the elderly. Nurse Call Technology- Having a wireless system that can instantly allow residents to call for assistance from bedside or from the bathroom is extremely vital. Luckily, this technology is already in place and includes other elderly monitoring devices such as door and window alarms, surveillance cameras, medication reminders and location data that help in locating residents. Health Tracking Devices- Technology is so advanced that many Assisted Living facilities offer residents wearable fitness trackers that help monitor their health while still encouraging them to live healthy by eating properly and exercising. Add all these to smartphones, tablets and iPads and one can categorically say that the elderly have refused to be left behind in terms of technology. With a piece of technology, there is no doubt that the seniors are at a better place and can connect with their loved ones, at least to make their lives much better.

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