Residential Homes: A Different Experience

Residential Homes: A Different Experience


An assisted living facility in Lynden, Washington has shown us that not all nursing homes have to be the same. This cozy residential home has only six residents, and they all love being there. It is a locally operated home run by a single mother who has since opened another similar facility in the area with the same number of residents.


Besides its small size, what sets this residential home apart from the competition? The answer: It genuinely feels like a home, rather than a facility. The smell of baking is commonplace, and there are two dogs as well as two cats residing there as well. One resident described the people there as friends and family. The environment is sociable, and the residents have become a close-knit group. For some there, they couldn’t imagine life any other way.

The residents live independent lives, but they are not being left on their own. There are varying service levels which are offered according to need. According to a recent article in a local newspaper, the care services provided include assistance with hygiene, mobility, meals, diet, housekeeping, transportation, appointments, activities, and more. Therapists often come by as a convenience so that residents do not have to go out of their way to see them. Trained and certified staff members are also available on site 24-hours a day.

Residents benefit from the advantages of a nursing home while still enjoying a life that feels very similar to home. It is an interesting model and one that many older people may benefit from, especially if the size of larger facilities leads them to feel overwhelmed.


Size is an important factor when considering a nursing home. Some of the sense of close community can become lost if a facility is too large. Even if you are not looking at nursing homes quite as small as the residential home in Lynden, the number of residents and staff, as well as the size of the space itself, should be factors in finding the best match for your needs. 

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