Record Heat is Expected in Many Locations for the 4th of July

Record Heat is Expected in Many Locations for the 4th of July


Stay safe this 4th of July! It is going to be hot outside. The Northeast is expecting a relentless heatwave that does not have an end in sight presently. In Washington D.C. they are already seeing temperatures as high as 108 according to the Washington Post. Other areas of the country are also expecting elevated temperatures for July 4th. In Philadelphia, a Heat Health Emergency has been issued and it will continue through Wednesday. Citizens are being urged to check in on their elderly friends, family, and neighbors.

According to NBC News, the conditions are expected to continue into the night with nighttime temperatures hovering around at least 75 degrees in some urban areas, so be prepared if you will be enjoying fireworks or other outdoor festivities. The risk of heat-related illnesses will be increased, especially if combined with drinking or a longer time spent outside than usual.

In addition, as temperatures rise, it can become more difficult to breathe. Pollution levels also rise along with temperatures, so check air quality levels before going out, especially in urban areas or if you have any breathing difficulties.

Be sure to have something to drink to stay hydrated if you will be outdoors or at a venue without air conditioning. Soda, alcohol, coffee, and ice tea can do the opposite of what you need them to. Consider water, juice, or sports drinks instead. They can be expensive or difficult to find if you will be depending on vendors, so it may not hurt to bring some along with you. Make sure to wear clothing that is light, loose, and does not constrict. If you are worried about it getting colder later, bring a light jacket rather than wearing heavier clothing for the first part of the evening.


The best way to have a safe 4th is to be prepared!

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