Mosquitos Carrying West Nile Virus May Be on The Rise in Some Areas of the Country

Mosquitos Carrying West Nile Virus May Be on The Rise in Some Areas of the Country


Some mosquitos in Georgia are testing positive for West Nile virus. According to AJC, eleven have already been found in DeKalb County this year while other areas around the state are finding mosquitos carrying the virus as well.  

The virus can be transmitted from an infected mosquito to a human by a bite. On a positive note, none of the mosquitos in the area have tested positive for the Zika virus. However, that is not a reason to go outside without proper protection from stinging insects!

Symptoms of West Nile virus may include a headache, high fever, tremors, stiff neck, confusion, coma, convulsions, muscle weakness, or paralysis. In some cases, the virus can lead to permanent neurological damage and death.

While younger people tend to experience a fever, body aches, and body aches, those of us who are older should put more thought into staying protected from potentially infected mosquitos.

People over 50, and especially those over the age of 65, have a much higher risk of experiencing more severe symptoms such as encephalitis, meningitis, and acute flaccid paralysis.

Protect yourself

Removing any sources of water around the home may help to limit the number of mosquito breeding grounds. Make sure that there are no flower pots or other containers that can collect and store standing water outside your home.


If you will be spending time outside, especially between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are their most active, make sure to dress to avoid bites. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts are highly recommended to keep a layer of cloth between your skin and the insects. Also, avoid shaded or damp areas where mosquitos tend to be. Limit your time outdoors, especially at dusk when mosquitos tend to be out in full force. Last, but definitely not least, use an insect repellant that contains DEET. 

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