Jacksonville gets Senior Health Centers to Reduce Time in ER's

Jacksonville gets Senior Health Centers to Reduce Time in ER's


In an effort to reduce the time senior citizens spend in the emergency rooms, decrease waiting times for their prescriptions, and increase time with their doctors, ChenMed has opened three new Dedicated Senior Medical Centers. 

The facilities are open for seniors age 55 and up and who are on Medicare Advantage, which are privately administered health insurance plans for seniors. 

“Our mission is to provide affordable health care that delivers better health…It’s less about taking care of the sick and more about preventive care,” said physician Christopher Chen, CEO of ChenMed, to The Florida times-Union Jacksonville. “Concierge medicine on steroids.”

Members will only have to pay little to no cost to join and can participate in classes in tai chi, Zumba, or line dancing. Free transportation, on-site specialists and medication dispensing will also be available to the senior members. These centers are for moderate to low income seniors who will receive enhanced care, time, and availability, according to the news station. 

“The typical doctor has 2,300 to 2,500 patients, while each Dedicated doctor has about 400. The typical doctor spends 16 to 22 minutes a year with a Medicare patient, compared to 168 minutes a year for Dedicated doctors,” said Chen to The Florida times-Union Jacksonville.

With more time to spend with their Dedicated doctors, Chen is hoping that this will result in fewer hospital and emergency room admissions. 


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Jodelle Maglaya
Jodelle Maglaya

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