Green Spaces Can Help Older Adults with Weakness

Green Spaces Can Help Older Adults with Weakness


Experiencing weakness due to less muscle mass and bone structure is often a natural part of aging. However, that does not mean that it cannot be slowed.

Researchers examined the lives of 4,000 people over the age of 65. They looked at the amount of vegetation within 300 meters around each participant’s residence. They found that older adults living in areas with more green spaces are less likely to be as frail as their counterparts.

The study noted that “Green space is now viewed as an important part of neighborhoods that support healthy and active lifestyles; it is, therefore, plausible that individuals living in neighborhoods with more green space have a lower risk of frailty.”

Other than a stroll through a park, researchers have found there are other factors that can likely help when it comes to frailty. Green spaces can promote cognitive functions and reduce air pollution.

Outdoor areas can also improve the symptoms of depression in older adults. The problem, however, is that many seniors do not have easy access to green spaces. Steep steps, uneven footpaths, and lack of assistance to go outside can often make it difficult to spend time in green areas.

Older adults around 65 years of age may benefit from taking strolls and gardening, but adults aged 85 and older will need green spaces in their immediate surroundings to benefit from the natural environment.

Because of this, when thinking about a place to retire, it is important to consider all stages of old age. You will want to a housing location that will be just as beneficial in your 80s as it is in your 60s. Look for a location that has green spaces that can be reached via easily accessible and flat paths. Consider an assisted living community that offers more than just a view of nearby nature.

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