EPA and Partners to Restore Coastal Habitats with $4.5 Million in Grants

EPA and Partners to Restore Coastal Habitats with $4.5 Million in Grants


As partners, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE), has announced that $4.5 million will be used to fund organizations working to restore clean water and healthy coastal ecosystems to Southeast New England. 

The 2018 Southeast New England Program (SNEP) Watershed Grants will be providing the funding, which is in collaboration between EPA New England (Region 1) and RAE. The grant program is aiming to support 14 various grant recipients that will work toward improving the region’s most important environmental issues, which include pollution and coastal habitat loss.  

"Protecting iconic waters like bays and estuaries in Southern New England is a priority for EPA, and these projects will help further that goal," said EPA New England Regional Administrator Alexandra Dunn in a press release. "This funding will help protect clean water and establish innovative, watershed-based models that are vital to the ecological resiliency and economic vitality of our coastal communities."

Each grant recipient, which included municipalities, state agencies, regional planning organizations and more, underwent a rigorous competitive p¬rocess. In addition to the $4.5 million in federal funding, $1.8 million in state and local dollars will be matched, so in total $6.3 million in funding will go toward protecting and restoring Southeast New England’s environment. 

A 2006-2008 American Community Survey found that 13.5% of those age 65 years and older make up the New England population. With those numbers growing, the work to reduce pollution and restore coastal habitats will improve the economy and quality of life.

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Jodelle Maglaya
Jodelle Maglaya

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