Enhancing the Health of the Elderly; Physical and Mental exercises

Enhancing the Health of the Elderly; Physical and Mental exercises


Most of the Americans over the age of 65 are struggling with basic physical functions.

According to the center for disease control, however, walks can help reduce causes of premature deaths like heart attacksAs much as physical activities strain the bones of the elderly which are already weak, mental labor is even worse. This is according to research done by Clarkson University. The research found out that mental activity drains the elderly of energy more than physical activity does.

It is undeniable that exercising both the mind the body is key to living longer by the elderly. Research has shown that taking cognitive challenges helps to protect against dementia which is among the leading causes of deaths in the US. It should, however, be noted that brain games should be played after doing a daily walk.
The brain consumes 20 percent of our total energy even though it constitutes less than 1% of the total body mass. Nursing homes programs, therefore, should be aware of this fact. The seniors should therefore not be allowed to exercise their brains before they exercise their bodies.
Healthy living is the primary concern not only for the elderly but also for all of us. Understanding energy needs of our bodies at different stages of life is, therefore, an integral part of it. The insurance cover for the elderly will be utilized optimally is the physical and mental well being is well addressed.

Research has shown that exercise is the best way to prevent falling by the elderly.

Hazards like falling will be a thing not to worry about if the right mix of physical and mental exercises is adhered to. Falling is known to affect 1 in every 3 seniors above the age of 65 every year. Consequently, the US Preventive Service Task Force has included exercises in its guidelines to reduce the likelihood of falling by the elderly.


Exercising alone is not enough for the elderly. The elderly should be well fed to boost their immunity and help in regeneration of brain cells. Vitamins and calcium should for part of the diet for the elderly on daily basis. The strength of the bones will help reduce fractures in the likely event of falling. Strengthening bones with the right diet is however not sufficient in itself, exercising should be a daily affair, as taking food is.

From this, it is clear that both mental and physical exercises and the right diet are key to healthy living by the elderly. 

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