Employee Reveals the Alarming Conditions of the Assisted Elderly Living Centers Closed By the State – Lakewood, Colorado

Employee Reveals the Alarming Conditions of the Assisted Elderly Living Centers Closed By the State – Lakewood, Colorado


An employee at one of the two assisted living centers for the elderly that were shut down in Lakewood, Colorado has come out to shed more light on the shocking details concerning how some of these living facilities are providing substandard care to the seniors under their guardianship in this latest elderly related news.

The whistleblower, who didn't what her identity revealed, gave a review of the state of the two assisted living residences -- run by the Nurturing Care Home Assisted Living Organization -- that were closed down within the last seven days by the Department of State Health, Colorado.


She said that she has witnessed what happens inside the care homes once the relatives of the seniors leave them at home. According to her account of events, once there is no one to monitor things, the caring changes from what is expected in a number of cases.

The employee went ahead to point out that despite the fact that there are some staff members who are committed to caring for the elderly, their effort is crushed by the poor management which complicates maintenance of health standards within the facilities.


Officials from the Colorado Municipality Public Health Sector and Environment confirmed that about 19 elderly persons had been moved in two assisted living facilities and placed elsewhere because the facilities did not observe proper medical practices and safety regulations as required by the Department of Health during their license application.


The employee said the reason why she decided to reveal what goes on behind closed doors of these healthcare facilities is to help families to realize what they might be getting the senior citizens into in such homes.


She said that it is important that the families of these elderly people know how to spot some of the nursing homes which provide substandard care so they avoid leaving the seniors in uncaring hands. She also pointed out some of the indicators to look for when placing the elderly into nursing homes:


- How is their level of hygiene? Is it declining fast?


- Do the elderly under the care of the home in question appear cared for?


- How does their attitude say about the homes?


- Are they experiencing some kind of depression?


According to her advice, you will never fail to notice any of these signs in your loved one if you are keen enough.


The internet is filled with plenty of online resources that discuss and guide you on how to select a nursing home which will ensure that your elderly loved one is well taken care of at all times.


You will also find helpful information about assisted living center neglect which will enable you to make an informed decision before placing your loved ones in a particular assisted living facility.


It is important that you ensure that your loved ones are in good hands before you leave for home. Ideally, nobody wants their seniors to spend their last days in a depressing environment with poor living conditions.
This is why the routine reading of elderly related news in our site comes in handy. Keep right here for more of this kind!

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