Early Detection of NPC Cancer with Blood Tests

Early Detection of NPC Cancer with Blood Tests


Nasopharyngeal cancer (PNH) is the most common method of diagnosis. When a person visits a doctor, symptoms such as swelling of the throat or blocked nose are present, but there are no signs of a cold. Send it to an ENT doctor. It is difficult to check the nasopharynx. Visit take2 health because most other doctors are not specially trained or equipped to conduct a comprehensive assessment of this situation.

Causes of Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Scientists are not sure what causes nasopharyngeal cancer. However, cancer is closely related to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Nasopharyngeal cancer In the Hong Kong, most people who suffer from EBV Infections will never have long-term problems. Scientists are still studying how EBV can cause nasopharyngeal cancer, but this may be due to the genetic material (DNA) of the virus affecting the DNA in nasopharyngeal cells. Abnormal division leads to cancer.


In the early stages, nasopharyngeal cancer may not cause symptoms. The possible obvious symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer include:

  • Neck lumps caused by swollen lymph nodes
  • Blood in saliva
  • Bleeding nose
  • Nasal congestion or tinnitus
  • Hearing loss
  • Frequent ear infections
  • Sore throat
  • Headache

Doctors and take2 health use various tests or a test to diagnose cancer. They also conduct NPC cancer blood test hong kong to see if cancer has spread to other parts of the body where it started. In this case, it comes to transfer. For example, imaging tests can show whether cancer has spread. Imaging studies show images of the inside of the body. Doctors can also conduct tests to find out the most effective treatment.

For most cancers, a biopsy is the only reliable method. The doctor checks for cancer in any part of the body. During the biopsy, the doctor will take a small sample of the tissue for analysis. If a biopsy is not possible, your doctor may recommend other tests to help the diagnosis. This section describes options for diagnosing NPC with take2 health. Not all the tests listed below are suitable for everyone. The take2 health may consider the following factors when selecting the test:

  • Suspected type of cancer
  • Your signs and symptoms
  • Your age and general health
  • Previous medical examination results

The following tests can be used to diagnose PCP:

Physical examination and blood test

During the physical examination with take2 health, the doctor felt lumps on the neck, lips, gums, and cheeks. The doctor will often use a lighter and/or mirror to check for abnormalities in the nose, mouth, throat, and tongue to obtain a clearer image. At the same time, blood tests can be performed for antibodies against the EBV virus.


Endoscopy allows doctors to use a thin, soft, light tube called an endoscope to look inside the body. When the tube is inserted from the mouth or nose to examine the head and neck, sedatives can be given to the patient. More relaxed, calm, or sleepy. When endoscopy is performed to examine the nasopharynx, it is called a nasopharyngoscopy.


A biopsy is a process of removal of tissues for examination under a microscope. Other NPC cancer blood test hong kong may indicate cancer, but only a biopsy can make a definite diagnosis. The sample is then examined and analyzed by a pathologist. A pathologist is a doctor who specializes in laboratory tests and evaluates cells, tissues, and organs to diagnose diseases.

The type of biopsy depends on the location of a cancer in a body. During fine-needle aspiration, the cells are also removed Insert the fine needle directly into the tumor. With take2 health during the cytological examination, the cells are checked under a microscope for signs of cancer.


X-rays are a method of obtaining images of the human body structure with little radiation. Sometimes it may be necessary to take a sip of barium before the X-ray examination. Barium is applied to the mouth and throat to enhance the image. An X-ray examination of the skull and chest may be required to further understand the extent of CPN.

Computed tomography

Computed tomography allows you to take pictures of the inside of the body X-rays from different angles. The computer combines these images into detailed 3D images showing abnormalities or tumors. Computed tomography can be used to measure the size of the tumor. Scan to enhance image details. This dye can be administered to patients intravenously or swallowed in tablet or liquid form.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

MRI uses magnetic fields instead of X-rays to create detailed images of the body, especially soft tissues, such as the tonsils and the base of the tongue. MRI is more sensitive than computed tomography and can detect nasopharyngeal tumors, and any possible MRI can be used to measure the size of the tumor. Before scanning with take2 health, a special dye called a contrast agent is used to make the image clearer. It can be given to patients intravenously or swallowed in tablet or liquid form.

Bone Scan

A bone scan uses a radioactive tracer to examine the inside of the bone. The indicator is inserted into the patient's vein. It will accumulate in the bone area and be captured by a special camera. The camera illuminates healthy bones, and the image highlights the injured area, such as B. caused by cancer.

Neurological tests

In these NPC cancer blood test hong kong, doctors will evaluate a person's nerve function, especially their touch and motor skills. The function of certain nerves in the head and neck.

Hearing test

If you have fluid in your middle ear, your doctor can perform a hearing test.

Positron emission tomography (PET) or PET-CT

Positron emission tomography with take2 health is a method of creating images of organs and tissues in the body. A small size of radioactive is injected into the body. This sugar substance is taken up by the cells. Consume the most energy. Because cancer tends to actively use energy, it absorbs more radioactive material. The scanner will then recognize this substance and create an image of the inside of the human body.

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