Death of 98-Year-Old Woman Results in Lawsuit Against Nursing Home

Death of 98-Year-Old Woman Results in Lawsuit Against Nursing Home


Eva Mae Rhodes of West Palm Beach was left out in the sun for an undisclosed amount of time in May 2017 and later died due to heat stroke and extreme dehydration. Now Lakeside Health Center who was providing Rhodes care at the time of being sued by her granddaughter for providing inadequate care and neglect.

Candace McKinley is aiming to ensure that others in a similar position to her grandmother are not allowed to meet such an inhumane end.

Members of Lakeside Health Center told the fire department that Rhodes has a “do not resuscitate” order and that they should not help her.  But upon seeing that she was hot to the touch and had blisters on her the firemen took her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Rhodes would die of hyperthermia due to the extreme heat she faced.  Hospital workers reported that she had blisters on her and a horrible sunburn.

Attorney Darla Kean says she has seen no evidence that anyone from the health center has been held accountable for Rhodes’ death. West Palm Beach police have an ongoing investigation into the case, and a Department of Children and Families report has been filed.  The report blames inadequate supervision by Lakeside Health Center of Mrs. Rhodes, and it has been turned over to the police department, the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office and the Agency for Health Care Administration.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, May 22, and Mrs. McKinley wants to stand up to those who abuse the elderly.  Further investigations are ongoing, and Mrs. McKinley will have to wait for a resolution to the case of her grandmother’s unfortunate end. 

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