Could Yelp be a better measure of the quality of a nursing home than a 5-star rating?

Could Yelp be a better measure of the quality of a nursing home than a 5-star rating?


A recent article in the New York Times has suggested that Yelp reviews should be considered when looking for the nursing home. A 2014 investigation of theirs showed that some nursing homes had learned how to game the rating system to garner a higher rating than they may have deserved. Now in 2018, that leaves us with more questions than answers when trying to find the perfect home for a loved one. So, what should we do?

A look at Yelp reviews may be the answer. But, we would not suggest stopping at just Yelp. The internet can be a great tool for investigation. Does the nursing home have a Facebook page? Check out the comments and reviews on it. Are they listed with the Better Business Bureau? Check the BBB website to see what type of reviews they have on there as well.

What about if you can’t seem to find them on the internet? In this day and age, that may be a red flag all on its own. Check to see if they have had a recent name change to try to rectify a bad reputation, or if they were recently established and may simply have not had enough time to develop any reputation – good or bad.

Individually, each review may not mean much. And of course, there will always be some undeserved “1 star” or “5-star” reviews among them, but if you can find enough, they will start to paint a picture that may help in the decision process. It is important to find the right nursing home, and it is definitely worth a little time spent on the internet as a part of the investigation process to find the one that will lead to a blissful existence rather than a reason to leave your own bad Yelp review.

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