Can The Quality of Care In a Skilled Nursing Facility Reduce The Risk of Long-term Care Placement?

Can The Quality of Care In a Skilled Nursing Facility Reduce The Risk of Long-term Care Placement?


Recent research indicates that the quality of care provided in a skilled nursing facility can directly affect whether a patient will require long-term care after.

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are the first stop for many elderly citizens after they have spent time in a hospital. Care provided in these types of facilities can act as a part of rehabilitation, and with highly qualified workers, the results can ensure many more years of independence. Unfortunately, the time following release from a hospital is a time in which we are very vulnerable to damage from incorrect treatment, while at the same time requiring skilled workers to assist in a full recovery. It can turn into a double-edged sword if not handled correctly.

The researchers delved through information from over half a million patients to find out why certain patients were ending up in long-term care while others were not. They discovered that SNFs with a higher quality rating had fewer people entering long-term care facilities upon leaving. In other words, better quality of care resulted in better quality of life and a more positive outcome for many of the discharged hospital patients. The brief time they spent in an SNF ended up having lasting results.

If you would like to check the quality rating of a facility, you can visit the nursing home search option on Being discharged from a hospital can be an overwhelming experience, but some research during the process may have long-term benefits and ensure a faster and more complete recovery. Have a family member do the research if you cannot. Social workers at the hospital may also be able to help and are likely to know which facilities have a better rating as well as a better reputation among patients and hospital staff. Do not be afraid to take advantage of the services provided by the hospital.

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