Con artist defrauded elderly people with millions

Con artist defrauded elderly people with millions


Glen Berg, 58, was sentenced to 87 months in prison by Nevada federal judge Jennifer A. Dorsey and paid $ 2,775,508.36 in restitution involving millions of dollar awards.

This is one of Burke's schemes, which is mainly aimed at the elderly. Thousands of victims have been deceived, and the value of fraud is over 20 million dollars.

Berg violates a court order issued in 1998 by the Federal Trade Commission, prohibiting erroneous statements to consumers through telemarketing. Berg is from Las Vegas.

The court pleads guilty because of the mass fraud it does, deceiving consumers to believe they have earned large cash prizes that reach millions of dollars. Also included is 52-year-old Michael Rossi, also from Las Vegas. He participates in one of Berg's schemes. Rosie's case is scheduled for June 25th.

Berg uses a scheme that acts like this:

Sends a user request with a fake name but appears to come from law firms or financial institutions for which the user has to pay a fee of $ 20 to $ 30 to pay for the delivery of the profit. The user pays the fee but the prize or prize does not arrive.

Burke, along with Rossi, was also found guilty of conspiracy to commit a fraudulent telemarketing operation.

The telemarketers working for Berg and Rossi usually report to the victim that they have won a very expensive prize - for example, a cruise that may not be used, but to replace it's $ 2,300 or diamond-sapphire bracelet, Chevy Camaro; Boston Weller's boat, and $ 3,000 in cash. To receive the prize, consumers pay hundreds or thousands of dollars against which they get jewelry without value or nothing.


Chad Redler, Chief Prosecutor General, made the following statement:

"This case is an example of the engagement of the Department for Suspension of Elderly Schemes that the Prosecutor General has announced in historical old scams a few weeks ago. Will be prosecuted and the law enforcement authorities will not stop until the fraudulent mass postal practices stop. "

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