82-year-old man Takes His Life for Being Ashamed of Driving Offenses

82-year-old man Takes His Life for Being Ashamed of Driving Offenses


After David Staddon received a letter from police suggesting he could be receiving charges for dangerous driving, he was found dead days later. 

The 82-year-old man was found face down on the beach from drowning several days after he received the letter. Staddon’s step-daughter, Sharon Roper, said that he felt ashamed of the letter he received and was afraid to be convicted for something he did not remember. 

Daily Mail UK stated that Roper received notes that Staddon had left for the family apologizing for his actions in regard to the letter from police. In court, statements by Roper were read aloud.  

“He asked me not to tell anyone because he was ashamed about being convicted for driving offences. He told me about his funeral and what music he wanted to be played,” said the statements read aloud in court. “I thought this was because of it being near the anniversary of mum passing. I did not have any indication he wanted to end his life… There were three letters on the bed addressed to me, my brother and his son. He apologized for his actions and told me what I needed to do after his death.”

Kent Police declined to comment on this matter. However, in the police report there was no evidence formed that suggested his belongings would be entered or taken against his will. 

The assistant coroner on this case, Katrina Hepburn, recorded the verdict as suicide and noted that Staddon had no history of past mental health issues. However, she was clear that he did take his own life. 


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Jodelle Maglaya
Jodelle Maglaya

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