How Virtual Reality is Benefiting Seniors

How Virtual Reality is Benefiting Seniors


Virtual reality is a rather new technological advancement and it is widely used in games, therapy, and many other domains. It is a simulated reality you can go through with the use of headphones and virtual reality (VR) glasses. Even though youngsters are mostly the most enthusiastic about it, virtual reality comes with many benefits for seniors too. 

They are usually more reluctant towards using new technologies or gadgets and some of them are difficult to be persuaded. It may even sound scary at the beginning. But revisiting familiar places or stepping into a completely different environment can benefit seniors too, not only youngsters. So, which are the benefits seniors will feel when playing with virtual reality?

Keeping Loneliness Away 

Almost 50% of seniors experience regular feelings of loneliness. And even though it may not seem much, seniors are predisposed to developing heart diseases due to loneliness. Feeling disconnected from others is not a nice feeling and many seniors experience this regularly, especially those whose partner has died or do not have any friends. 

Thankfully, virtual reality can help alleviate feelings of loneliness. In combination with Google Maps, virtual reality can offer seniors the opportunity to revisit familiar places. Seeing the neighborhood you grew up in or the house of your grandparents comes with melancholy, but also with positive emotions. 

At the same time, seniors can choose to visit places they have never been to, not only familiar ones. Who would not love seeing a beach in the Bahamas? The best thing about virtual reality is that it can really make you feel you are in that place, so it offers a lot of opportunities to explore the world for seniors. 

Alleviating Physical Pain 

Unfortunately, as people go old, certain health issues appear. Seniors often have joint pain that prevents them from experiencing life to its fullest. Any kind of physical pain is negatively affecting your life, mainly because it prevents you from doing the things you did earlier with ease. 

And seniors might wonder how virtual reality is going to help them with this? Well, our brains are powerful machines and computers. But they also have some flaws and if you distract your brain, you can alleviate the physical pain you feel. Thus, virtual reality seems to have become an essential tool for seniors. Keeping their minds focused on something else than the pain they feel, will help them perceive less pain. 

Moving In Will Be Easier 

Changing the place where you stay is a big and important event in the life of everyone, no matter their age. And it is more important for seniors, who might be used to living in the same place for years in a row. Moving to a completely new house or apartment might come with negative emotions, especially if your previous experiences were like this. 

Or if you do not know the place where you will live and the entire action is described by anxiety and nervousness. Sometimes, not having all the information you want might delay you from making a decision. If seniors will be moving in the following period and they are anxious about it, virtual reality can help them make this easier. Visiting the house you will be moving to and going through all the rooms helps you know what to expect. You can also see the community, the neighborhood, and explore the surroundings. 


Alleviating Anxiety and Depression 


Anxiety and depression can be triggered by loneliness, but also by other major changes in your life. For example, your partner might have died. Your pet is ill. You feel lonely and disconnected from the others. These are normal and natural feelings seniors experience and alleviating them should be something that needs to be done. 

Living with anxiety and/or depression as a senior can be wrecking and they can affect your mental health and life satisfaction a lot. Virtual reality can help seniors keep their minds busy by traveling in time and exploring new environments. 

Final Words 

Even though new technologies are not something seniors are usually interested in, they come with benefits for them too. Virtual reality is one of these advancements that could help seniors alleviate their feelings of anxiety and depression and keep the loneliness away. 

Keeping your mind busy, revisiting places of your childhood, or locations that you have always wanted to see are some experiences that could put a smile on the face of seniors. At the same time, virtual reality can alleviate physical pain too, by keeping your mind busy, but also adding more positive emotions to your life. Seniors can benefit a lot from virtual reality and incorporating it into the life of every senior is advised. 

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