Physiotherapy for elders: 5 powerful balance exercises for seniors

Physiotherapy for elders: 5 powerful balance exercises for seniors


Generally, people tend to become weak and lose flexibility as they become old. They might also lose their body balance and this could be the main reason for their fall. However, if you’re practicing physical exercises or taking therapies from physiotherapists you can retain the strength. Yes! Physical therapy can be a boon to elders.

Top 5 major reasons why seniors need physical therapy

1. Recovery from fall

As people age, they need to be very cautious. Even a minor accident can be very serious for seniors. They might end up having serious bone fractures or other injuries. Taking therapies from a registered physiotherapist can help to regain strength.

2. Lower the risk of injury

Physiotherapists train seniors to maintain stability while they make a move. This would reduce the chances or risk of injury.

3. Reduce chronic pain

Chronic pains such as arthritis can cause discomforts in seniors. Physical therapy for seniors can help them to learn how to reduce such discomforts.

4. Get rid of prescribed drugs

Seniors will have prescribed medications to ease their chronic pain issues. Physical therapy can help you to cut off the need for such medications.

5. Lead and independent lifestyle

Often Seniors will be dependent on others due to their illness or some other sort of discomforts. Physical therapy can help seniors to recover from such discomforts and learn to be independent.

Read the infographic below the top 5 powerful balance exercises for seniors created by MJPhysio physiotherapy in Vancouver.

Physical therapy elders

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