The Senior Living Spectrum - seniors and caregivers and how the different levels of senior living apartments overlap.

The Senior Living Spectrum - seniors and caregivers and how the different levels of senior living apartments overlap.


This graph about the The Senior Living Spectrum was created with the intention to clarify to seniors and caregivers how the different levels of senior living apartments (or senior care) and how they overlap. By plotting every type of care against the ever-increasing supervision (or decrease of independence) versus the cost for that care, it becomes easy to select the care that works best for you. If there are some difficulties with understanding the technology that is used in the world of senior care, this presentation might help.

The overlapping that is occurring between the different levels of care show us some important details. For example, in some states like Pennsylvania, Personal Care Homes, or PMCs – are a subset of assisted living facilities that have not allowed the operators to dispense medication or help with financial tasks. This is one of the key distinctions when choosing care. Across most of the country this distinction doesn’t exist so because of that, PCMs are displayed as a subset of Assisted living. In case you are searching for a PCM here, you will must search for an assisted living option and check the legal description for the service selected to find out if said service contains a legal entity like a PCM or an assisted living facility. This is because of the fact that if you were able to search for PCMs, most of the searches would yield no results.

 Another noteworthy thing in the graph is a large bubble called CCRC or Continuum Care Retirement Communities. These sorts of communities are becoming more and more popular among the rich people because of the ability to provide care within the community, regardless of the level of senior’s care requirements. It is really expensive; however, it is one of the most popular plans for the wealthy because it provides them with a living facility where they can lead an active social life where they can be healthy and see their friends all the while they are staying in a highly skilled nursing center.

On the lower costs spectrum resides the Home care. This is usually supplemental to the primary care giver who may be working during the day and wants someone to check in on the care receiver. These services are sometimes as cheap as $15 per hour and provide a piece of mind for the primary care givers. They may also be used for seniors that live by themselves and in need of a driver or someone that can make sure they are eating, bathing and taking their medicine when needed.

Once you understand the senior living landscape with the help of this infographic, type the location of your choosing into the search bar on this page and use the tabs to navigate to the specific type of care that you need.

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