Best and worst fruits to eat on the ketogenic diet

Best and worst fruits to eat on the ketogenic diet


There is a lot of confusion among the people regarding which fruit to take and which fruits to avoid on a keto diet. As some fruits contain sugars, as well as fructose, people assume no fruits must be eaten. Well, here is a shocker for them. In a low carb diet, fruits having a moderate amount of carbs are good to go, and even some fruits are also beneficial for diabetics. Keto-friendly fruits can be consumed fresh, raw, and can be included in some keto recipes too.

Considerations before you buy

Some key points you must keep in mind before buying the fruits for your keto diet:

Always go for organic fruits

Organic fruits are free from pesticides and eradicate the risk of developing cancer, which is in the case of pesticides laced fruits.

Go for raw fruit instead of drinking its juice

You should consume raw and organic fruit rather than going for juice. In the process of making juice, all the essential vitamins and fibers of the fruits are automatically eliminated, making it just a sugar juice. This will rapidly increase your blood sugar levels and knock you out of ketosis.

Fruits to go for

Let’s see which fruits can be consumed on a keto diet and which fruits threaten your hard-earned ketosis.


The carb content is moderate i.e half of the cup of pomegranates consists of 12 grams of sugar, which is ok. The primary functioning of this fruit is that it consists of phytonutrients, which increases the beta cells in the pancreas that are responsible for insulin production. 

This fruit is extremely beneficial for people who are in the prediabetic stage or have type-2 diabetes. It is also rich in antioxidants that are beneficial for your brain, heart, and reduces the risk of cancer development.


Strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are relatively low sugar fruit. Each of them contains 5.68 grams, 4.9 grams, and 5.4 grams of carbs, respectively, with every pack of 3/4 th of the cup. These berries are packed with nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

As per the studies, berries help in reducing inflammation of your body, which protects your body against serious chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. They also lower the cholesterol levels of your body.

Some exciting recipes which you can include in your diet are raspberry lemon popsicles, keto raspberry pavlova, keto strawberry shortcakes, strawberry chia seed jam, etc.


It is a tropical fruit, which is an excellent addition to your keto diet. A medium-sized starfruit consists of 3.93 grams of net carbs. This fruit has high fiber content and contains vitamin C, which poses many health benefits.


It is a superfood for the keto diet because of its low carbs, low proteins, and high-fat content. It is also the best snack option for all low carb diet followers. It also consists of high levels of healthy monounsaturated fats and has higher potassium content as compared to bananas. It also increases the quantity of fat-soluble antioxidants from all the vegetables you eat.

Every half avocado consists of 1.84 grams of net carbs. Avocados can be used in keto recipes as a sweet churned into keto ice cream and can be included in a guacamole salad.


It is a common vegetable used in a lot of recipes. In a keto diet, it is used as a flavor enhancer or sauces. It consists of a lot of essential nutrients, and a small vine of tomato consists of 2.69 grams of carbs. But beware when you are cooking as it poses the risk of the increased carbs content in your keto dish. Please use them in lesser amounts.


Many melons have low carb content. For example, watermelons consist of 7.15 grams of net carbs per 100 grams, cantaloupe contains 7.9 grams of net carbs per 100grams, and honeydew contains 8.3 grams of net carbs per 100 grams. Before consuming any of them, make sure you are checking their carb content before consuming them.

Fruits to avoid

These fruits consist of high amounts of sugar and fructose which automatically eliminates them from your keto diet. Some people consume them without knowing it’s carb content which becomes one of their keto diet mistakes. The fructose content is only metabolized by your liver and regular consumption of such fruits stresses your liver leading to various liver diseases. If you consume them on juice form they put even more stress on your liver.

Such fruits that you need to completely avoid are bananas, grapes, apples, pineapples, dried fruits, pears, etc.

Apart from these fruits, honey must also be avoided too, though it does not come in the category of the fruits. Many people consume it as a healthy sugar alternative in their various meals and drinks. Honey also poses a negative impact on the people in the keto diet as it contains 17 grams of carbs, which more than the recommended amount per day. It must also be avoided along with the fruits mentioned above.

Always keep in mind when you are on a keto diet, you aren’t missing out on some of the essential nutrients due to avoidance of such fruits. This diet has a variety of vegetables that are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fibers, which covers up for the fruits.

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