Winter Olympic Games 2018

Winter Olympic Games 2018


The opening of the twenty-third Olympic Winter Games is already a fact. Kim Juna, a skateboarder, brought the Olympic fire to the stadium in the South Korean town of Pongchang. The fire passed through several athletes, among which one of the Korean heroes in the 2002 World Cup, Chun Hwan A, and keen on two reins from the hockey team of North and South Korea.

Traditionally a parade of athletes with flags of the respective countries was held. Russian athletes passed the Olympic Flag parade because of the Sochi large-scale doping scheme in 2014. Russia's teams have no right to national symbols and flags, and to win their national anthem.

Olympic Winter Games 2018The United North and South Korea team last under the flag of the Korean Peninsula, carried by two athletes, one from the North and one from South Korea.

The Olympic Games in Pyongyang brought some warming in the North-South relationship. Kim Yo Chen, Senior Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Wen watched the ceremony of Mun Jie Inn.

Thomas Bach, President of the IOC, gave a speech. Here's what he said: "Welcome to the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang. This is the moment we all expected - the first Olympic games of snow and ice in the Republic of Korea. This is the time when the Olympic Committee and the local Wallachians are working with great dedication. You can be very proud. I thank everyone who has made this special moment and all the volunteers who have helped us. Dear athletes, it's your turn.

For many of you this can be the race of life. In the coming days, the world will look to you for inspiration. You have to be an inspiration for living in peace and understanding. This must be done with respect and fairplay. You can observe the Olympic spirit only if you observe the rules and you are pure. When you compete with each other, then you go back to the village and meet again, share your food and emotions - that is the power that sports have. The power to unite. This force has brought together North and South Korean players this evening in the upcoming hockey tournament. This gesture excited deeply everyone who was watching.

We are stronger than the forces that want to divide us. Two years ago in Rio we helped for the first time with a refugee team, which was a powerful message from the IOC. Let the whole world share this Olympic experience. Let's do it together".

After this speech, South Korea's President Mun Jiein announced the 23rd Winter Olympics for open.

A spectacular show at the stadium presented the vision for the development of future technologies and sent a message to the people that they could be connected with each other, no matter where they are. The united team of North and South Korea passed last in the athletes' parade. They deflected the flag of the Korean Peninsula as it was carried by two athletes - one of the two countries.

After the athletes' parade, five children, symbols of fire, earth, water, metal and wood, crossed the river of time and reached the doors of the future under the sounds of the Korean folk song Arrigang, an informal anthem of the country. The White Tiger Suhorang, who will be their companion in their journey to the past, joined them.

Asking Tauphatofua is the only representative of Tonga to compete in skiing. On Ghana's side, there is one representative - Aquasse Frympong - a slediner.

Six countries make a debut at the Olympic Games:

  • Ecuador
  • Eritrea
  • Kosovo
  • Malaysia
  • Nigeria
  • Singapore

With 109 athletes in 11 sports, Norway is the big favorite to win the Pongchang medal ranking.

The largest delegation is the American one. Twenty-four American athletes in 15 sports will compete in Pyongyang.

A symbolic sky of 1467 stars rose to the Olympic Stadium in Pyongyang. Then followed a three-minute "space" show that ended with the emergence of South Korea's national flag in the center of the stadium.

Olympic Stadium in Pyongyang

The emergence of the Korean flag followed the performance of the national anthem by the Rainbow Children's Choir.

Since traditional Korean music was in the first part of the ceremony, modern pop hits sounded during the parade. Among them was the first song to have reached 1 billion views on YouTube - Gangnam Style.

Dances and martial arts presented part of South Korea's culture to the 35,000 spectators at the Olympic stadium.

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