4 Things To Know About Assisted Living

4 Things To Know About Assisted Living


Finding a safe and secure way of support for your senior family member is a giant leap to take, and it requires a significant commitment too. Suppose they are too strong and healthy to live in a nursing home, yet you continuously worry about their condition. In that case, it's somewhat smarter to enroll them into an assisted living community.

There are many essential points to consider before signing any contracts. Get rid of overthinking about the possibility of neglect in the nursing home since this will not happen in Assisted Living situations.

However, even when you and your family have already participated in assisted living community tours, there are just some facts that might have never been brought up in detail. This is your chance to learn more about these unapparent facts.

1. Abundance Of Wellness Programs And Exciting Activities

Senior housing communities participate in many activities and programs, which are more than just playing card games and bingo. Although daily games are part of their routine to keep their brains active, there are so many other exciting activities requiring their physical and mental energies.

Activities like art and creativity classes, musical events, movie nights, exercise routines, and religious services are among some of the many hustle and bustle that require their creative juices and inspire them to work together or independently.

Wellness programs are also designed to help them stay physically active. As little as stretching to powerful balance exercises, these activities help them embrace their inner youth and continue to make their bodies get hyped for the entire day.

2. Freedom To Set Own Schedules

Many families fear their senior family members losing their sense of freedom once they join an assisted living community. In contrary to this misconception, residents can plan out their daily or weekly schedules. This will encourage them to continue being independent and give them a sense of responsibility to take charge of their own life. Your senior family members are free to come and go as they please.

They can enroll in different activities or classes they want without being forced and mandated by the community. In assisted living environments, there are no rigid schedules to follow. Although medical care providers would sometimes guide and provide advice, your senior family will still be the one to decide how they want to spend their day.

3. No Doctors On-Site

Another vital fact to discern is that there are no medical doctors in assisted living communities. Unlike nursing homes, assisted living organizations usually entail senior citizens who are still healthy and don't have serious medical problems.

Medical doctors usually supervise patients in nursing homes on schedule. Before choosing between an assisted living facility versus a nursing home, you must know that an assisted living facility does not have medical doctors on site.

Assess whether your elderly family member needs assistance from a doctor, and you can decide which senior care facility is more suitable for him or her.

4. Monthly Fees Already Include Utilities And Meals

The fees you’re going to pay for assisted living communities are worth their price. It already includes various benefits, services, and amenities. Although the inclusions might vary depending on assisted living conditions across the entire industry, many share the same standard features.

Your elderly loved one will get to enjoy housekeeping and laundry services, utilities and cable usage, life-enrichment activities, meals and snacks, wellness programs, and a private apartment or suite. However, keep in mind that you will be charged separately for other expenses like transportation and travel.


Now that you understand more about the real conditions of an assisted living, you can finally assess if it is the best choice of care for your senior family member. But first, ask and have a real talk about this topic with your elderly family, and let them decide if they want to age in a community rather than your home.
Additionally, it is highly recommended to reserve a physical tour to learn more about an assisted living facility that you’ve been eyeing for. During this private tour, you can note both their merits and demerits that you can discuss altogether with your other family members.

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