The Age You Feel May Be More Important Than the Age You Are

The Age You Feel May Be More Important Than the Age You Are


Your subjective age, the age you feel like rather than the age on your birth certificate, may affect you on both a physical and psychological level. In fact, it may mean more than your actual age. It can even factor into the decisions that you make.

Brian Nosek at the University of Virginia told the BBC that:

“The extent to which older adults feel much younger than they are may determine important daily or life decisions for what they will do next.”

Feeling younger than your age may come along with less of a risk for depression according to one study. Other studies have shown that it may even decrease the neuroticism and dementia that sometimes occur as we get on in years. In addition, a younger subjective age may also mean fewer hospital visits due to better physical health.

One study that examined the lives of 17,000 participants found that the majority of us feel approximately eight years younger than what our birth certificates claim. However, for those who feel 8-13 years older than what is on that document the research indicates that it may significantly and negatively impact our lifespans.

How can you lower your subjective age?

We can see that multiple studies have shown that our subjective age can affect our health, mental wellbeing, and even how long we live. The scientists are taking note as well. Due to the interesting results of various studies, researchers are now looking into what factors make us feel younger. They hope to extend lives while making the extra time more enjoyable and healthier.

One significant factor is activity. Those of us who move around more tend to feel younger. Hobbies and travel are also factors that contribute to a younger subjective age. What does this mean? For now, it means the best way to feel younger and live longer is to get out there and enjoy life. 

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