Senior Citizens Poke Fun at Youth in New Voter Registration Campaign

Senior Citizens Poke Fun at Youth in New Voter Registration Campaign


Voter registration campaigns are picking up steam for November’s midterm election.  In a divided political landscape, both political parties will make huge pushes to register and encourage people to vote in an election seen as a referendum on divisive President Donald Trump.

A new ad by the Knock the Vote campaign sheds light on how Trump opponents will frame the midterm election.  In a video, senior citizens sarcastically taunt young American voters and say young people should not vote because they never do.

One woman says in the ad, “climate change? That’s a you problem. I’ll be dead soon.” And another man urges young people to vote by taunting, “we’ll be there, I bet you won’t. Because we’re a generation of doers, not whiners, and we’re doing great.”

While the ad is clearly tongue-in-cheek, it references a real trend of voter turnout in American elections.  Elder populations regularly have the best voter turnout in American elections, while American youth are notorious for staying at home during election season.

According to Pew Research, about 50% of eligible voters aged 21-35 participated in the 2016 election compared to nearly 70% of all eligible voters over the age of 52.

In midterm elections, voter turnout is even lower with 3 in 5 eligible voters deciding not to participate.  In the 2014 midterm election, turnout took a dive to 37%, a historic low for midterm voting numbers.

But in this divided political climate, both sides will pump money into getting new midterm voters to the polls.  And, the country’s divided reaction to Brett Kavanaugh’s recent Supreme Court nomination could drive passionate voters to the ballot box.

However, it remains to be seen whether American voters will turn out in great numbers due to increased political tension, or stay at home, politically fatigued. provides information on how you can register to vote in your state.

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