Medicare Advantage May Help More Seniors Stay at Home

Medicare Advantage May Help More Seniors Stay at Home


Recent changes in Medicare Advantage may mean that more in-home care services will become available over the next few years for chronically ill individuals living at home as well as in senior housing units. This may come as a relief for older adults who were feeling trapped by previous funding limitations. It also gives facilities the ability to provide more services to their residents than they could previously.

The reason for this change is simple. When care is better coordinated and in a lower cost setting, it can help to prevent unnecessary disruptions and time spent in a more intensive medical setting – and by doing that it can also cut costs as well. This can benefit residents who would have otherwise had to leave their homes or be transferred to higher level nursing facilities for care. With the funding changes, their care in a comfortable and familiar setting will become more comprehensive and require less planning, travel, or upheaval.

According to McKnight’s Senior Living, Liz Liberman, a health care analyst with the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care stated that,

“The idea of these advanced partnerships with care coordination at the forefront, whether on the skilled nursing side or assisted living providing MA plans, I think that idea is the way of the future. I think for the providers who are able to provide that level of service, the value they will bring to patients and their families is tremendous and there is a huge business opportunity there. But the entire concept for the time we spend talking about it is still in its infancy.”


Do not expect to see all the changes overnight. In-home care providers are likely to be the first ones to begin offering additional services under the funding, but senior housing providers may take some more time before they put any plans into action.

  • There will be more coordination with Medicare and planning required before the facilities can begin expanding the services and programs that they offer to residents.
  • The changes are still new, and while they are exciting, not all of them are fully understood at this point, and not everyone will begin to take advantage of them immediately. 

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