Man Donates Kidney to Wife of Almost 30 Years

Man Donates Kidney to Wife of Almost 30 Years


Steve Kennedy from Seattle recently gave his wife an early 30th-anniversary gift that would be difficult to match – it was one of his kidneys. She had suffered from polycystic kidney disease which had left her kidneys scarred and unhealthy. 

According to Fox News, last month her husband chose to donate one of his kidneys to save her life. At that point, she had already been put on dialysis due to the kidney disease, and they had both been informed that she would not make it without a transplant. 

He posted this on his Facebook wall after the transplant:

“Lesley and I got through our kidney transplant surgery at Virginia Mason hospital in Seattle. My donated kidney appears to be doing pretty well in its new home inside Lesley. But it may be a bumpy ride for a while. Thanks to everyone for their incredible love and support. Our son Ian and Lesley’s sister Lisa have been nothing short of amazing as caregivers to us, as have the VM docs and nurses. Lesley has PKD (polycystic kidney disease). Consider donating to the PKD Foundation to find a cure for PKD. Also, consider organ donation. It is truly an amazing gift to be able to donate. Especially to your spouse.”

His wife has improved greatly since the surgery and the couple, who love traveling, will be celebrating 30 years together in October.  

It’s a story that reminds us how important those that we grow old with together can be and how much love truly can make all of our days a little better than they would be without that support. It is also a reminder that sometimes the answers to some of our greatest problems are within our reach. In this case, Lesley’s husband was able to offer something that a long donor waiting list may not have been able to. 

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