Humana and Walgreens Partner for New Health Centers

Humana and Walgreens Partner for New Health Centers


Walgreens and Humana announced they have partnered to open two health centers that will mainly serve senior citizens.  The new facilities will be opened in two Kansas City, Missouri Walgreens locations.

Humana representatives will be available at the center, and they will offer primary care services and answer Medicare questions.

The partnership between the drugstore Walgreens and healthcare insurance provider Humana signals a shift in both respective business’s plans when it comes to healthcare.  Walgreens is facing stiff competition from industry rivals and are widening services offered in a preemptive attempt to compete with services such as Amazon that may soon be entering the drug delivery market.  For Humana, the plan offers an opportunity to see more patients face-to-face.

As the population ages and baby boomers enter their retirement years, other companies will be looking to enter healthcare and social care services.  Best Buy recently announced plans to enter the assistive care industry, and Walmart has an existing partnership with Humana.

Walgreens is hoping to stay on the cusp of innovation with their latest move, and this latest experiment with Humana may be expanded to other markets if it is found to be successful.  It potentially offers seniors another option to receive care in a store they may already be frequenting regularly for prescriptions, however it remains to be seen how affordable the services will be.

The partnership mirrors Walgreen’s competition as CVS announced a partnership with insurance provider Aetna.


Physical stores will need to constantly innovate if they hope to compete with telemedicine and a potential entrance of Amazon into the market.  As older populations become more tech savvy, consumer demands will change, and this recent move signals that stores like Walgreens and CVS are aware of potential pitfalls a stagnant business model faces.

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