Which housing option is better for older adults

Which housing option is better for older adults


A lot of researches nowadays show that Americans are living longer. The life span is increased from 69 years in 1960 till 78.5 today. Many of those who were interviewed stated that they are physically active- almost 22%, and are in good health.

But here is one important issue that many adults are struggling to have – the housing. In the years from 1985 till 2007 the housing cost for adults have increased dramatically, or many of them felt overburdened with inadequate and overcrowded housing.

Therefore these facts from the research show that the adult Americans not only need an active lifestyle to live longer, but also better housing options appropriate for their needs. From the large variety only two of them are likely to be the best choice – the 55+ communities and the independent living communities. So this article will deal with both of them separately and comparatively.

What kind of homes are the 55+ Communities

These are maybe one of the newest options for adults. They are designed for active adults who are willing to live in a neighborhood and want to take care of themselves. These housing is especially suitable for those who want to gather and hangout with other adults and are very fond of social life, but still, want an ordinary and quiet place to live in. They are also named with a very different names as active adult community or age-restricted community and usually placed by a hospital, restaurants and shops. Most of the adults here are active adults.

55+ Communities can be very different home types such as mobile homes, single-family homes, apartments or in some cases, even cottages. Some of them are private homes and can be whether purchased or rented. The residents here are supposed to be 55 or older, or in some cases, it is allowed to live a younger one only if it is a spouse and the other one meets the age requirements 55+. Some of the communities are not so strict with the age and allow younger people to live with the adults, because in some cases it is better for the adults to have younger neighbors.

This housing is a good choice for the adults because most of the homes have gate entrance and security. It is a peaceful environment to meet the needs of adults to be with their peers, and to be able to cover their expenses because the costs are set to the lowest. And also for those physically active, there are fitness center and pools, clubhouse, sports courts, learning classes, and many more opportunities.

Built-in the suburbs or the interior, these homes are complete and are one of the most common choices for the active and sociable 55+ adults, who also like living with their peers in a quiet and comfortable and some of them even luxury places.

What kind of homes are the Independent Living Communities

These homes are another good option for active adults who like living independently and are very sociable. Actually, they are part of a huge adults’ community, designed to meet the needs of the older ones providing them nursing care, and assisted living.

The places are usually single or with two beds and look like an apartment with a living area and a kitchen. The adults who want to be there need to pay an entrance fee and later they can decide whether they will rent or purchase the place given by the community. If they rent it, it covers their meals, maintenance and security. Personal and health care is done to another service provider.

This housing offers various services necessary for older adults. Meal packing services in dining areas, house maintenance and laundry, activities and social events, all included in the costs. Because of the wide options of programs and social events, the adults stay active and are happy making new friends with other adults.

So, The Independent Living Communities are mainly directed to the lifestyle of the adults, to keep them active and main their mental and emotional health. For these needs, some of them also offer fitness and pools, laundry facilities, hairdressers, transport and shops. But all these benefits vary in different communities.

Is there a difference between these two communities

Both of them are dealing with housing and meeting the needs of adults, so it is logical to be similar. But also in many ways they are different.

First of all the adults in the 55+ Community are younger and physically more active than those in the Independent Living Community, whereas they need greater help. 55+ Communities can be sometimes age-restricted or targeted, they must be 55 or more or have one adult with them that meets the target area restricted by the Government. On the other side, Independent Living Communities are only dealing with 65 and older adults who usually need help.

The residents in the 55+ Community live a normal neighborhood lifestyle, whereas the Independent Living Communities residents mostly meet staff members while performing thir daily activities. And they also have a bigger access to medical and nursing care than those in the 55+ Community.

To conclude, both of the options are built near hospitals in case of emergency, and also good places for a lot of opportunities for adults, from making new friendships, socializing and staying mentally and physically healthy. Whichever option an adults choose, he will have the best treatment and accommodation. 

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