Home Remodeling is Becoming More Common for Those Wanting to Age in Place

Home Remodeling is Becoming More Common for Those Wanting to Age in Place


A desire to age in place has been a consistently growing trend, according to a recent survey done by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). 

In fact, the desire to age in place is currently seeing the strongest and most consistent growth among the multiple reasons that people are having their homes remodeled. The number of people hiring contractors for that reason has nearly doubled in less than ten years.

Another trending motive for why people are choosing to remodel is to avoid having to move or purchase a new home. While this may apply to more than just the older population, it does include it. A home that was the perfect fit in middle age may need significant changes before it can be comfortable to use in our later years.

According to NAHB, common outdoor changes that are made for aging in place include the addition of low-maintenance exteriors, easy to care for plants and shrubs, and decks that are raised to make entry into the home simple.

Changes in the home may be more significant. Steps may need to be removed and ramps or lifts may need to be installed. Full bathrooms may have to be installed on the ground floor. Entryways and halls may have to be made wider.

There are other changes as well that can make a huge difference. Lever faucets can replace traditional ones that may become difficult to manage with arthritis. The bathroom may need slip-resistant flooring, handles and railings, and a wheelchair-accessible bathtub or shower.

Consider your needs as well as the home you have and what it already has to offer. With some modifications, it may become the perfect place to retire.

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