Health Care Sharing Ministries May Be an Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance

Health Care Sharing Ministries May Be an Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance


With the series of changes in healthcare coverage over the past decade it’s no wonder that some of us are still looking for a safe place in the storm. If current options do not seem to fit your needs, consider looking into one of the already established Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM) as an option. 

They have always been available as an approved alternative in the Affordable Care Act, and for many, they may be just what the doctor ordered. HCSMs are networks of people who usually share the same religion. They make an agreement to contribute regular dues to help pay for each other’s medical expenses. 

The unique thing about this option is that if there is an increase in costs due to a member or members needing additional medical care, then the group can meet those additional needs by temporarily increasing their monthly contributions during the times when more money is needed. 

Dale Bellis, chairman, and founder of Liberty HealthShare spoke to the Epoch Times and described it this way:

“If we need to address a spike [in monthly costs], we just simply turn to the members and say ‘there’s a spike’ and, in order to meet it, we all need to contribute. It becomes very much a function of the individual members to minimize costs and eliminate unnecessary care and certainly not engage in duplicative tests.”

While these are not insurance companies, they do fill a need and may help those who are tired of struggling with faceless insurers. However, this type of organization does not need to meet the same requirements of covering pre-existing conditions, paying for contraception and abortion, or providing certain health benefits. It is up to the individual HCSM, so be sure to investigate and make sure the one you choose it is a good match for you before seriously considering the option.  


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