Your Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments

Your Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments


One of every six deaths around the world is due to cancer. In 2018 alone, an estimated 9.6 million people died from the disease. With cancer taking hundreds of thousands of lives in the United States each year, it does not come as a surprise that patients are interested and often willing to try anything that can help them overcome or – at the very least – gain control of the illness.
A decade or so ago, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery were usually the only options people had. While conventional treatments have been generally successful in treating the disease, a lot of patients have reported negative experiences – even going insofar as to claim that chemotherapy decreases their quality of life.
To an extent, we can say that the clamor for less toxic and more natural remedies gave way to the almost-meteoric rise of alternative cancer treatments.

Complementary and alternative methods are often appealing because they use the body, the mind, and things found in nature for healing and countering the side-effects of cancer/cancer treatments. Still, this does not take away the fact that some of these therapies lack research and scientific testing, and may undermine the effect of standard cancer cures.

Although many alternative treatments do not play a direct role in cancer cure, some of them are found to help patients cope with the symptoms of the illness, especially those whose cancer is already in the late stages.

This infographic will help you get to know some of the more well-known and widely-used alternative cancer cures.

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Lauren Cole is the Content Marketing Strategist of Dayspring Cancer Clinic, an alternative cancer treatment center located in Scottsdale, Arizona. When not working and writing content, she enjoys gardening and reading books.

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Lauren Cole
Lauren Cole

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