Continued Education Offers Unique Opportunities to Seniors

Continued Education Offers Unique Opportunities to Seniors


As college campuses across the country prepare for an influx of young students, the beginning of a new higher education calendar offers a great reminder to continuing education enthusiasts.   Many senior citizens can attend university classes free of charge as part of continuing education programs.

All 50 American states offer some kind of program for senior citizens whether it be financial aid or the ability to observe and attend high level courses.  Continuing education can offer a variety of opportunities from increasing earning potential to tickling one’s curiosity for knowledge.

Around 60% of American educational institutions will waive tuition for senior citizens according to a 2008 study.  However, many people are unaware of the potential free tuition, so not a single university receives over 50 people in these programs.

Outside of free tuition, auditing classes is another option for senior citizens.  Universities across the country welcome seniors with open arms to sit in on classes dependent on space availability.

Visitors won’t always get credit for sitting in on a class, but the opportunity to participate in a brain stimulating community is of great value.  Staying active physically, mentally and socially are effective solutions to counteracting many degenerative brain diseases.

The World Health Organization defines “Healthy Ageing” in part by the ability to learn.  Lifelong learning has increasingly become an important tool for health organizations to promote health in elderly populations.

Although it might not have all the benefits of attending a physical class, online education also offers educational opportunities from the convenience of one’s computer.  MOOCs are becoming more adopted worldwide, and they offer an unlimited amount of students the offer to study from accredited universities through the internet.  The acronym stands for massive online open course and many world class universities including Harvard, Stanford, MIT and the University of California at Berkeley offer MOOCs.


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