Can a blood test detect brain changes and help prevent early Alzheimer’s

Can a blood test detect brain changes and help prevent early Alzheimer’s


Like many diseases, Alzheimer is one that can maybe be prevented or slowed down if it is discovered early. In the year 2019, some researchers have done a simple blood test by which they wanted to prove that can show the early signs of the Alzheimer’s. Until then researchers have only shown the loss of the memory and the confused mind as a very familiar symptoms of the disease. But also the higher level of protein that accumulated in the brain is an indicator for it and can be discovered by a simple blood test.

Some scientist from the Washington University School of Medicine have stated that identifying Alzheimer’s brain changes is easier when you combine the two most important risk factors of the disease and the blood amyloid levels. The accuracy of this result is about 94%. This research was performed above adults who were supposed not to have any brain problems.  

According to some authors, this blood test gives better results than the standard test scan performed so far. This test will be available at the doctors after a few years, and would point the advanced efforts to easily identify the symptoms useful for setting the right treatment in order to slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s.

This test is also beneficial for many goals and many clinical trials, to prevent disease even before its symptoms appear. The blood test selects the right way for detecting these people with brain changes.

Until now the only way for the early symptoms to be discovered was the brain scan which is very expensive and takes a lot of time for patients to be able to enroll in it, and a very small number was screened. But with this, the number of patients can reach even more than a thousand a month. And this also means more people will be saved from the Alzheimer’s, because treatments are found easier and relieves the human suffering.

As the science officer Maria Carrilo said that this blood test is very much welcomed, because it represents a huge relief for doctors and patients. Because the need for some simple, efficient and  low cost test for detecting the early diagnosis and getting the right and early treatment, are necessary for medicine.

But still, as soon as this disease is still able to be controlled by the doctors, none of this test will be performed. And all the doctors and patients will first try to use the new technologies and clinical trials while participants have benefit from it, stated Maria Carilo at the end of her study.

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