Finding the Best Care: What to Ask Your Senior Care Facility

Finding the Best Care: What to Ask Your Senior Care Facility


Making the decision to enter a senior care facility or to place a loved one in that type of care can be a challenging undertaking. Not only is this an emotional time, but it is also important that you approach the task with practicality. Here are five questions to ask to help to guide your decision of selecting the best senior care facility for your needs.

How Much Will it Cost

The overriding factor in selecting a senior care facility for most people is the cost. Although this is always a delicate subject to approach, it is imperative that you understand the full scope of the financial commitment. Be sure to ask what is included in the fee and what a la carte costs are involved that may be above and beyond the regular dues. It is also vital to understand the projected yearly increases so that you can budget accordingly. Taking the time to look through the contract and all of its details could save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Health Care Considerations

After the costs, you need to fully understand the health care procedures and protocols of the facilities that you are considering. The first place to start is to ask what kind of healthcare services are provided on-site. You also need to ask about the proximity to a higher level of emergency healthcare that is unaffiliated with the facility. Many residents also want to continue seeing their own healthcare provider, making it important that you understand the procedures around outside care.

Other healthcare questions to ask include how the medication is dispensed to residents, what palliative or hospice care services are available, and is nursing care available 24/7 or are there designated hours. Lastly, you need to ask about the availability of services such as physical therapy, counseling, and any other care that your loved one may need as they enter this season in life.

Location and Logistics

It is not unusual for the deciding factor when choosing a care facility to be its location and convenience. Be sure to consider where the facility is located in proximity to loved ones and also for the purposes of maintaining social connections. You want to minimize the life disruptions to the resident. This consistency will provide for a more seamless transition into the facility. It is also crucial for the resident to be in a convenient location to loved ones in the case of complications.  For example, search for live-in care, Long Island if you are in New York City.  This will help you to find the best care in your area.


One of the most common distinguishing factors between different life care facilities is the activities that they offer residents. While some facilities are more low-key and relaxed in their social offerings, other facilities take a more hands-on approach to making sure that residents stay active. Generally speaking, you will pay more for a facility that delivers an abundance of activities and events. This is a personal preference and only you can decide what is the best fit. To get a better idea about the individual approach, you can ask to see the daily activity schedule over a varied period of time.


It is understandable that the quality and the variety of food offerings is also a strong consideration to make. While many people simply consider how the food tastes, it is also recommended to ask questions about the availability of the food. For example, can the residents eat at any time of the day or are there dedicated meal times? Many facilities will offer a smaller-scale cafe onsite for residents to grab food outside of designated meal times. You also need to ask if the residents have a choice each day or is the menu set with little flexibility. Because many seniors have eating challenges, you should also verify that special menus and services are available should you need them.

These five questions will provide a strong guiding framework as you begin the interview process in selecting the best senior care facility for your needs and preferences. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, necessitating that you conduct thorough research before landing on a facility.

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