Does your lifestyle put you at risk for Osteoporosis

Does your lifestyle put you at risk for Osteoporosis


Nowadays many diseases are not familiar to many people. Osteoporosis is one of those diseases that are sometimes treated as a part of the aging process, while this is something that affects the bones and reduces its density and quality. The most important factor is aging because all the other risks can be controlled.

It is a dangerous disease especially to seniors and prevention is essential. It causes a lot of pain in the bones, fractures and even disabilities in worst cases. That’s why sometimes it is inevitable to change your lifestyle in order to avoid or prevent the development of the osteoporosis. All the changes for prevention are important, but here are some which are essential:

  • Increase the protein intake: The complete health, especially bone health is highly affected by the proteins. According to some researchers, people who end up in the hospital with some bone fractures are usually people who were taking proteins at a very low level. So everybody should try to take them more
  • Calcium and vitamin D levels: These two work together and are essential for our bones and teeth to stay healthy and strong. As we are getting older, the body produces fewer vitamins than needed, and so an extra dose is essential, and of course, there are certain guidelines which and how much
  • Exercising: Being physically active also is very important for Osteoporosis prevention. This helps bones to regrown and improve density. Different types of exercise 30 minutes a day keeps the bones strong
  • Keep your weight normal: Bigger weight is one of the biggest problems for Osteoporosis. The weight needs to be neither too low, neither too high. Keeping your weight at a normal level protects you from this disease
  • Drinking alcohol: Heavy drinking also causes bone loss. This is one of the reasons why all the doctors advise, especially the seniors, to limit their consumption of alcohol in order to prevent bigger problems
  • Don’t smoke: In almost every research it is proved that smoking has a lot of negative effects on our health. And of course, the bone density can be lost with intensive smoking. In some cases, it decreases the absorption of calcium. 

And to conclude everything we do affects our health, and of course our bones. With a proper diet, exercising and vitamins intake, we keep them healthy.  

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Duska Milcovska
Duska Milcovska

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